MasterChef Tamil’s esteemed candidate G. Sasi evicted

The entire set of MasterChef Tamil had tears in their eyes this weekend as G. Sasi, one of the most popular and promising contestants of the season, was eliminated. Sasi Ma, who has always surprised the jury with her cooking skills and innovative recipes such as Kummayam and, as with her, has always spread positivity in the kitchen Aatakul dance has become everyone’s favorite. Plus, she’s built her own fan base in just six episodes.

Hailing from Coimbatore, she is one of the most popular MasterChef Tamil candidates who was one of the first to win the prestigious MasterChef apron and was included in the top 14 list. Inspired by her family, G. Sasi joined the MasterChef Kitchen with the dream of mastering all tasks with flying colors in every challenging round and thus winning the title of MasterChef Tamil Season 1. Unfortunately, she went wrong on the elimination task where her court called Kokum Dhamaka failed to impress the judges.

At the age of 63 she was eager to enter the MasterChef Kitchen and try her hand at winning the title. She learned a lot about cooking from her husband and lived in Dubai for 8-9 years, where she also learned about her kitchen. She owns a small catering company and her dream is to keep growing in the culinary field.

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The weekend episode of MasterChef Tamil, the regional adaptation of the internationally renowned cooking reality show, produced by Innovative Film Academy, offered an interesting mixture of elements, as the participants had to present a delicacy with leftovers in groups of two for the team challenge in the Mystery Box round. The red team had to prepare a starter from ingredients such as eggshells, fish bones and chicken feet, while the blue team had to cook a main course from pea and corn cob shells and the remaining water of cooked chickpeas. Ultimately, the yellow team had to make a dessert using banana peel, watermelon peel, and the seeds of the jackfruit.

Kritraj and Devaki, G. Sasi and Sumitra and Nithya and Sunita continued with the next pressure tests and elimination. The chefs’ pressure test challenge, which required participants to make their choice of ingredient, went downhill for Sasi Ma, who said goodbye to the show. Although the challenge with the leftovers doesn’t go as planned, she mentions that team challenges just happened to be her favorite experience on the show. Experience the participants in a culinary battle for the prestigious title of MasterChef Tamil only on Sun tv, every Saturday and Sunday from 9.30pm to 10.30pm.

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