McDonald & Dodds star appears with his wife

James Murray returns to McDonald & Dodds this weekend as Chief Superintendent John Houseman – and his wife Sarah Parish joins the cast in series two!

How long has the couple been married? And do they have children?

Here is everything you need to know about the actor and his McDonald & Dodds character.

Jason Watkins as DS Dodds and Tala Gouveia as DCI Lauren McDonald at McDonald & Dodds (Image Credit: ITV1)

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Who plays Chief Superintendent John Houseman at McDonald & Dodds?

James Murray plays as Chief Superintendent John Houseman for McDonald & Dodds on ITV1.

The character makes it hard for McDonald’s and desperately wants Dodds to retire.

He says, “It was nice to get back in the saddle and visit Houseman again and bring him a little more meat on the bone in this series.

“It’s pretty elusive and mysterious, so I worked with the writer to bring a little more backstory to the screen this time around.”

James adds, “When the first series came out, a lot of people were like, ‘Oh, look, there’s that bad guy from this show’.

“But a lot of people really liked the meanness, or so they say in my face!”

Talking about his character’s feelings towards Dodds, James says, “He sees it as dead wood and wants to get rid of it.”

What else did James Murray star in?

James is an actor and director and has been on our television screens since 1979 when he was only four years old!

The actor played Sandy Hunter on Coronation Street in 1998, Johnny Boy in North Square in 2000, and Mark Talbot in Clocking Off in 2002.

James met his wife Sarah Parish on the set of Cutting It between 2004 and 2005 when he played Liam Carney.

Between 2007 and 2008 he played Stephen Hart at Primeval.

He also starred in 2015 series Cucumber, 2013 film Defiance, and portrayed DCI Daniel Drummond in Suspects in 2016.

James appeared as Caleb in Ryan Reynolds’ movie 6 Underground, released in December 2019.

James Murray as Superintendent John Houseman at McDonald & Dodds (Image credit: ITV1)

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James Murray Wife: Who Is James Murray Married To?

James has been married to Sarah Parish since December 15, 2007.

They married on December 15, 2007 in Hampshire after a two-year romance.

About her appearance in the third film, he says: “I like the third episode best because my good wife is there. That was fun.

“We actually tried to get Sarah on the first series, but there wasn’t a role that was quite right for her, but this part was it.

“Our characters didn’t have much to do with each other, but I had to dress them up a bit in one scene.

“It was great fun not being afraid of a comeback because she didn’t have a line back for me. Fantastic!”

James Murray Wife: Do James and Sarah have children?

James and Sarah had two children together.

In January 2008, it was announced that Sarah was pregnant with their first child.

Their daughter Ella-Jayne Murray was born five weeks early in May 2008.

Tragically, she died of a congenital heart defect at the age of eight months the following January.

In her honor, Sarah and James raised funds for the children’s intensive care unit at Southampton General Hospital, where she was cared for.

Their second daughter, Nell, was born on November 21, 2009.

The couple co-founded the Murray Parish Trust in 2014.

James Murray as Superintendent John Houseman and Tala Gouveia as DCI Lauren McDonald at McDonald & Dodds (Image Credit: ITV1)
James Murray as Superintendent John Houseman and Tala Gouveia as DCI Lauren McDonald at McDonald & Dodds (Image Credit: ITV1)

How old is james murray

James Murray was born on January 22nd, 1975 in Manchester, England.

He is currently 46 years old.

McDonald & Dodds series two, episode one

Jason Watkins and Tala Gouveia repeat their roles as DS Dodds and DCI McDonald for the second series of McDonald & Dodds – consisting of three new full-length episodes.

The first movie guest stars are Martin Kemp, Patsy Kensit, Cathy Tyson, Rupert Graves and Rob Brydon.

You star as five friends who take a hot air balloon ride, but disaster strikes and they fall to the ground.

If either competitor does not return safely, DCI McDonald and DS Dodds must investigate whether it was a foul.

McDonald & Dodds returns on ITV1 on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 8 p.m. with the first of three feature films.

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