Meena to kill Victoria when she makes a discovery on her return to the village?

Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers tease Meena’s next murder as she prepares to get rid of love rival Victoria.

She returns home, finds suitcases and a chef’s hat on the doorstep and is convinced that Victoria has moved in with her husband.

Little does she know that Priya, not Victoria, is taking care of the ailing shopkeeper.

But will Meena find out before she gets her hands on Vic?

Emmerdale Spoiler: The Battle For David

Meena is ready to kill again (Image credit: ITV)

Meena believes that Victoria is the greatest threat to their relationship.

However, David chose to stay with her and told Vic that they can only be friends at a time.

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He’s still trying to recover from a bullet for Victoria and Priya has insisted on taking care of him.

Meena is stunned when Priya leaves the house instead of Victoria and is forced to abandon her throttling plans.

But when she is looking for her boyfriend, she and Victoria find him in the HOP.

Meena under control

Meena and Victoria
Vic fears Meena’s chilling warning (Image credit: ITV)

David and Vic split a moment after a shot in the fighting guy triggered PTSD.

Meena’s arrival interrupts the moment and it doesn’t take long before she rushes David home.

After warning Victoria in eerie and threatening ways to keep her distance, Meena tells David that she will take care of him from now on.

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Meena takes responsibility for his medication and starts her campaign to make poor David completely dependent on her.

By channeling Kathy Bates into Misery, Meena begins her own pain reliever and panic regimen to leave David vulnerable and defenseless.

What will your next step be?

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