Meena will murder Andrea and frame Kim, fans predict

Emmerdale fans predict that Meena will kill Andrea and that Kim will arrest Tate for her murder.

After her son Jamie disappears, Kim desperately tries to get custody of her granddaughter Millie.

However, Millie’s mother, Andrea, learned of Kim’s plan and refused to let Kim near her daughter and filed an injunction.

Meanwhile, Manpreet made the decision last week to end her marriage to her husband Rishi because she no longer loved him.

Meena encouraged Manpreet to go after Charles (Image: ITV)

After Manpreet told her sister Meena the reason for their marriage to end, Meena encouraged her to move against Charles even though Charles was in a relationship with Andrea.

Manpreet refused to end the relationship between Charles and Andreas. However, fans began to think that Meena would kill Andrea to get her out of the way.

Emmerdale fans predict that Meena will kill Andrea and frame Kim

In the Friday (October 15th) scenes, Manpreet, Meena and Andrea were off the HOP when Kim showed up to check Andrea on an injunction against her.

Kim confronted Andrea about the injunction (Image credit: ITV)

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She threatened Andrea and said that if she kept Millie away from her, she would never see the light of day again.

Now fans believe that Meena will kill Andrea and stage the murder of Andrea’s former mother-in-law Kim.

Emmerdale: What’s Happening This Week?

This week Meena, Andrea, Manpreet and Charles will join David, Victoria, Mackenzie and Charity in the survival challenge. But will everyone get out alive?

Meena plans to kill Victoria after discovering that her boyfriend David is in love with her.

Emmerdale spoilers Meena and Manpreet
Meena sets out to kill Vic (Image credit: ITV)

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Meena later holds Victoria’s lifeless body underwater, but someone is watching him from afar.

To know what they saw, Meena follows them into the maze, but who is it?

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