Meera Deosthale says true friends protect you, they tell you if you are wrong and don’t let anyone hurt you!

Friendship means being comfortable around someone who understands you well, says Meera Deosthale. The actor says that a true friend is always there for you no matter what. “Real friends never leave your side, they are always there to support and guide you. They will also tell you if you are wrong, but then nobody will hurt you. They are the ones who will always protect you. For me, that’s friendship, ”says the actor, who is known from the TV shows Udaan and Vidya. Meera doesn’t have many friends. “I have a very small circle. But then this little circle is very important to me and there is no person that can be left out because they all play different roles in my life. Whenever I have any kind of crisis, they are there, ”she adds. But the only person who has been consistent in Meera’s life is initially her brother Aditya Deosthale.

“He’s been my friend since he was born and I had a lot of fun with him and have the best memories. I also have my best childhood friend, Sanjana Udaar, “she says,” we’ve been friends for 15 years now. She’s in Canada and Facetime every night, though we don’t necessarily have to talk, but we do need to see each other. Sometimes the phone is on and we just do our own things, but that’s how it is and that’s our friendship. We tell each other everything. She is very special to me, ”she adds. But what about friends in Mumbai? “This person is not just my best friend, but more of a family to me. She is Vinny (Arora Dhoopar). I met her on the sets of ‘Udaan’ five years ago. You and I talk every day. She has a little more life experience than me. I think I am blessed to have her because sometimes I get stuck in life and she is always there to guide and support me. I have these few people who are really important to me, ”concludes Meera.

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