Meet the Stars of ITV2’s New ‘Winter Love Island’

The cabins and their noisy participants are only a few days away from our arrival on our screens.

And this new reality show could be just what we need to get started in 2021.

The show, dubbed “Winter Love Island,” aims to restore old-school dating.

Each participant can spend 24 hours with another participant in a booth.

After getting to know each other in their cozy, snow-covered surroundings, they can decide when to stay connected – or move on to the next participant.

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But who are the candidates for this brand new reality series?

Get to know the participants of The Cabins here …

(Photo credit: ITV)

Who are the participants in The Cabins?

Abraham, 21, from East London

This architecture student says he’s looking for a once in a lifetime experience at The Cabins. And he hopes to be able to entertain his potential applicants with his dancing and musical skills: “I can play the guitar. I bought it from me.

“I can dance. I say this with a lot of confidence, but yes … being entertaining and looking like the clown, that’s my region.”

Holly the cabins
(Photo credit: ITV)

Holly, 23, from Staffordshire

Holly says she’s a cabin crew, a makeup artist, and a social media influencer. She says her love life is in ruins and she has given up online dating.

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She also says that she falls in love rather quickly: “I think everyone I meet is great and then the red flags show up. I don’t do enough background research before delving into someone. I fall deep very soon and within two days I am asking, “I’m going to marry her!”

Mamudo the cabins
(Photo credit: ITV)

Mamudo, 23, from Liverpool

Mamudo is a professional soccer player and soccer coach. He says he looks forward to going out “the natural way” at The Cabins.

He’s also unlucky with app dating after being fished in the past. When it comes to hidden talents, he speaks an incredible five languages.

And his dream celebrity crush is: “Maya Jama – she’s so funny and looks real and down to earth and obviously she’s not bad to look at either. Sorry Stormzy. “

Robyn the cubicles
Photo credit: ITV

Robyn, 26, from Doncaster

Robyn is a sales manager and says she hasn’t been single in four years. She had fun in the singles scene – and is now ready to mate.

But she’s not one to settle down and she really wants a boyfriend who also loves football – with Chelsea as her team. When it comes to online dating, she isn’t enthusiastic either: “It was boring. I swipe through 100 people at a time … I usually meet in one evening. “

Jess the cubicles
Photo credit: ITV

The Cabins candidates are all looking for love

Jess, 24, from New Port, South Wales

Jess worked for Walt Disney World and now works at a local bingo hall. She says her best date ever was at Universal Studios, where they ride horses and then sing karaoke afterwards.

And her dream man is a male version of herself. She describes herself as: “quite sociable, adventurous, ambitious.

“My best friends would probably describe me as the life of the party – I’m always the one who brings everyone together for social events.”

Sarah the huts
Photo credit: ITV

Sarah, 26, from Blackpool

Sarah has worked as a crime actress, fitness model and waitress. She says she classifies herself as a lesbian but has dated men in the past.

Her celebrities are Emma Watson and Megan Fox. She’s been so unlucky over the past few years that she almost gave up – but she hopes The Cabins will revive her belief in true love.

Sarah said, “I’ve been single for a long time and I’ve got to the point where I feel like there’s no one out there. So I thought, let’s see if TV can help me! It just seems to fail after failure after failure. “

Sofia in the cabins
Photo credit: ITV

Sofia, 21, from Kent

Sofia is a tattoo apprentice and Miss Diamond UK. She describes her love life as “utterly tragic,” but she believes spending 24 hours with a stranger in a log cabin could give him the boost he needs.

But she says she’s worried she might be shutting down potential matches with her bright and loud personality: “I’m usually in very, very bright colors and something sparkling.

“When people initially meet me, they initially think, ‘Oh my god, what did I get myself into? ‘If it’s not the clothes that put boys off, it’s usually the clumsiness and just my weird personality. “

Tom in the cabins
Photo credit: ITV

Tom, 26, from Leeds

Tom is a business manager who says he has had several serious relationships in the past. But after none of them ultimately survived, he hopes to meet the one on The Cabins.

He says his celebrity crush is Belle Hassan from Love Island, and he has never tried dating online. A bit of a unicorn, he met almost all of his previous relationships through work rather than an app or website.

Tom said, “When I’m with someone, I go way beyond that to make them happy. In my eyes everyone should be treated like a princess. “

is on the cabins
Photo credit: ITV

Will, 28, from London

Will works for his family-run electrical company. He says he’s been a bit of a “bad boy” since breaking up with his five-year-old girlfriend.

But now he wants to find the right deal. He says he’s been fished by apps a couple of times and thinks he’ll have better luck on this series.

He also said, “I danced salsa when I was younger. If she gets the salsa out of me, it means we get along. “

Olivia in the cabins
Photo credit: ITV

Olivia, 22, from Hull

Olivia works as a customer service rep and says she has had trouble finding a decent man for the past year.

Hoping to find a romantic man at The Cabins, she sadly says she’s never had a particularly good first date.

Olivia said, “I’ve never had a great date. This will be the first. Whatever happens, it will still inspire me. “

Joel on the cabins
Photo credit: ITV

Joel, 22, from Swansea

Joel works as a garbage man and says he’s tired of meeting Swansea women. He also says he’s never had a longtime girlfriend – but he hopes that will change at The Cabins.

Above all, he is looking forward to spending time in the whirlpool: “I look forward to the environment – the comfort, the cabin life. And of course the hot tub in front – I really want to go in there. “

Charlotte in the cabins
Photo credit: ITV

Charlotte, 29, from Stafford

Charlotte is the operations manager for a coffee company and like so many others, she is terminally ill from having no luck with dating apps. She hopes The Cabins will offer another chance to get to know others intimately and quickly.

She has dated men in the past, but she now prefers to meet women. Charlotte explained, “I’ve only been with women for about 18 months. I feel like I’m still learning my type. I definitely like the alternative girls. Tattoos, piercings … and more tomboy than genuinely girly. “

When will the Cabins attendees arrive on ITV2?

The huts start on January 4th, 2021.

It will be on ITV2 at 9pm on Monday.

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