Meghan Markle faces an unbearable “intrusion,” says royal Sophie Winkleman

According to Sophie Winkleman, the newest star to comment on the Sussexes, Meghan Markle is experiencing an intolerable level of “intrusion”.

Sophie, the half-sister of presenter Claudia Winkleman, spoke about the couple in a recent interview and admitted that she would not “cope” with this kind of life.

The 40-year-old actress is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, 41, who was removed from the Queen’s first cousin and is 51 on the throne.

Sophie Winkleman and her husband Lord Frederick Windsor (Photo credit:

Meghan Markle at the latest: Sophie Winkleman says she can’t cope.

In a chat with insiderSophie said she doesn’t think her own position compares to Meghan’s.

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She told the publication, “I don’t think you can compare us. It’s huge, mega, global, and that would be my idea of ​​hell.

“But I wouldn’t be able to deal with this level of intruders for a minute.”

Sophie Winkleman said Meghan’s life was her “total hell” idea (Photo Credit:

Sophie stays away from social media

The star went on to explain how she likes to keep things private by staying away from social media.

She explained, “I’ve never been to Facebook, Twitter or anything. I don’t like the thought. “

It’s huge, mega, global, and that would be my idea of ​​hell.

It follows reports that royal fans are getting a new biography about the Duchess of Sussex.

Prominent biographer Tom Bower is reportedly working on a new book about Meghan’s life and plans to spend 12 months collecting research on it, including through interviews with friends and associates of the king.

Meghan at an event
New Meghan Markle Biography Coming Out (Credit:

Tom Bowers scrapbook

A source cited by The sun claimed Meghan “doesn’t want any part” in the biography.

They told the newspaper, “This is the book Meghan will be scared of.

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“Tom has worked with some of his topics before and even spent time following them. But it was made perfectly clear to him that this won’t be an option with Meghan. “

The source continued, “She doesn’t want any part of it. Given what has happened over the past few weeks and months, this book will be dynamite – he assumes this is only the tip of the iceberg, and more will emerge over the next 12 months. “

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