Meghan Markle’s girlfriend says the royal family knew she was struggling deeply

Meghan Markle’s girlfriend Janina Gavankar appeared on This Morning on ITV today (March 10th), backing up comments about the royal family made in the recent Oprah interview.

In the interview, Meghan spoke about her mental health, claiming the facility didn’t help, and making allegations about a racist comment on Archie’s skin color.

Last night the palace released a statement about the interview.

And now Meghan’s friends seem to have their turn to have a say.

Meghan’s boyfriend showed up this morning (Credit: ITV)

What did Janina Gavankar say on ITV this morning?

Chatting to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that morning, Janina gave the Duchess support and started by talking about the comments on her mental health during pregnancy.

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When asked for comments that the royals didn’t offer her, Janina said, “I think she said she had no one to turn to within the institution.

“She turned to all of us, she turned to her husband.”

Janina added that she was “worried, scared, sad” for Meghan.

Holly and Phil
Holly and Phil asked Janina about the Oprah interview and how Meghan is feeling now (Credit: ITV)

The statement of the palace

She then turned to the statement made by Buckingham Palace.

“After reading this brief statement from Buckingham Palace, I thought of two things.

“I’m so grateful that they are finally acknowledging the experience, but then I also know that the family and staff were aware of it.”

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She added, “And while their memories can vary, ours don’t because we lived through them with them. And there are a lot of emails and texts that support that. “

Phil then asked if the whole family knew that Meghan was “struggling deeply”.

“I don’t know who knew, but I knew the family and staff knew.”

Meghan and Janina
Meghan and Janina have been friends for 17 years (Credit: ITV)

Janina this morning at ITV: “We can tell the truth”

When asked how Meghan and Prince Harry feel after the interview, Janina confirmed that they are “happy”.

She said, “We are all glad that we are in a new era. We can tell the truth.

“Things are different. You can tell the truth, we can tell the truth. We can finally validate them and say that everything they said is true. “

She was then asked about the timing of the Oprah interview, with our elder monarch dealing with the fact that her 99 year old husband is in the hospital.

I don’t think the intent was to destroy them, I think it was finally a chance to tell their truth.

And she stated that she did not believe her intention to “nuclearize” the family.

“I don’t think the intention was to destroy them, I think it was just a chance to finally tell their truth.

“Meghan has always been a very open person, but that changed when she joined the family.

“We saw a wall being built around her, she was very isolated and while that wasn’t her choice she was completely butchered for it.

“I wanted to defend her, but she should tell us never to comment because the institution would protect her, but years later we know that is not the truth.”

When asked how the couple is doing now, she said, “I think they feel great. It’s nice to see that they feel free. It is a really good time indeed. “

Meghan's Oprah interview
The Duchess made some bold claims during her interview (Credit: YouTube)

The bullying allegations

Janina was then asked about the bullying allegations made against Meghan.

And she said that she “can say” that Meghan is “not a tyrant”.

Janina said, “Well, I’ve known her for 17 years and I’ve seen her look at the people around her and the people who work for her, and I can tell she’s not a bully.”

Then she dropped another bomb.

“But I can also say that I am personally glad that people are doing their due diligence because I also know why someone had to leave and it was because of gross misconduct and the truth will come out.

“There are a lot of emails and texts about it,” she claimed.

“I won’t go into details, I don’t feel like this is my place. I’m just glad it’s being investigated because the truth really sets you free. “

Phil then asked if “more truths would come”.

Janina replied: “Yes. I really feel like we are in a new era. “

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