Mehak Sharma is a star in the making who exudes a lot of self-confidence

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Mehak is a hot model and an amazing dancer. He has a great passion for modeling and entrepreneurship and is only a 17 year old who has consistently been top of the class. Like Mother like daughter! – Mehak is deeply inspired by her mother, Ms. Meenakshi, a high achiever and a strong advocate for women’s empowerment. Outside of home and family, Priyanka Chopra influences Mehak the most for her all-rounder to turn everything awkward in life into success and inspiration for the world.

Following in Priyanka’s footsteps, Mehak is currently a finalist in the ongoing International Glamor Miss Teens India project with multiple advertisements. “I believe that fate plays a powerful and irreplaceable role in shaping a model or actress’ career.”

Priyanka Chopra’s brother entered her name in the feminine contest to cheer her up, which changed her whole life. “I believe that fate watches over your path and it wavers you, shakes you and sometimes leads you in the right direction, as in the above case. The point is, if you adjust to it, you’ll get there. It doesn’t matter whether the spoon of fortune feeds you or shrinks you. “

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There were 3 factors that played a role in the modeling industry. First was the transition to my true and self-confident self, which was reflected by the camera and gave me my individual glow when my posture was captured by the camera. Priyanka Chopra flourished in this industry too and I hope to become a shining version of myself like Priyanka Chopra and shake the world with inner confidence. Aagaaz Entertainment, which believes in nurturing new talent in music videos and feature films by providing them with the right starting platforms to get opportunities, will feature Mehak in its emerging films and music videos.

According to her mother, Meenakshi, her daughter, Mehak Sharma, has three excellent qualities. Mehak is resilient as she has the ability to rise no matter how deep the fall and dream big and only her ambition ignites life in her eyes. Mehak is flexible and a powerful dancer. Mehak also knows the feeling of getting lost in the beat and flowing into the figure and can be very clear that way.

The stylish and sensational starlet in the making is especially confident enough to believe in herself to know she could be one in a billion. Mehak says: “I am an all-rounder and trust myself 100 percent to master every thin and thick situation. I would like to thank Aagaaz Entertainment for giving me a unique opportunity as a stepping stone to an unwavering foundation in the modeling industry. “

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