Mel B highlights domestic violence in a shocking new video for Women’s Aid

Mel B has appeared in a harrowing new video highlighting domestic violence – four years after their previous marriage.

The 45-year-old Spice Girl star hopes to help other women in similar struggles.

Filmed in association with Women’s Aid, Mel is desperately trying to escape an abusive partner in the video.

WARNING: Domestic violence scenes and details

Mel B appeared in a shocking new video for Women’s Aid (Credit: YouTube)

Mel B highlights domestic violence

In the clip, Mel can be seen running away from her partner.

He starts beating her and drags her into her house before she tries to escape again.

The musician is then strangled and thrown to the ground.

Traumatic, ugly and soul-destroying … I was there

Similar scenes are shown throughout the video, which shows Mel bruised and scarred.

Additionally, in a later clip, the couple appear happy attending a party.

The shocking video, titled Love Should Not Hurt, also features music by classical composer Fabio D’Andrea.

The singer can be seen strangled in the video (Image credit: YouTube)

Commenting on the project, Mel said: “I’m incredibly proud to be part of this project, which means so much to me …

“It seems strange to say that I take pride in showing something so brutal and disturbing, but my mission is to raise awareness of something that so many women go through every day, every week, every month of their lives. “

She also added on Instagram, “This is what domestic violence and forced abuse looks like under the fake smile and control of kisses. Traumatic, ugly and soul-destroying … I was there. “

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After the video, a fan praised: “The video is so powerful it made me hold my breath. Unbelievable.”

Another wrote: “Powerful! Definitely a video that I’ll show my son and daughter. Well done.”

A third added, “I just saw the video, so powerful and must have been made tough. My stomach was knotted. “

The couple appeared to be loved in one scene (Image credit: YouTube)

Mel B talks about her previous marriage

In the meantime, Mel has always been honest about her abusive past.

In 2019, the singer claimed that her marriage to ex-Stephen Belafonte “almost” cost her life.

The couple divorced in 2017 on charges of physically and emotionally abusing them.

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Speak with The mail on the event magazine on SundayShe said, “During my marriage, I lost my family, my friends, my self-respect and almost my life. And so long I was ashamed.

“I found myself stupid that everything that happened was my fault. I had never heard of an obsessive-compulsive relationship. Even after leaving him, I never realized that so many other women had almost exactly the same story to tell. “

In addition, the star claimed her ex-husband “isolated” her from her family for ten years.

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