Melanie Hill ends “toxic” Facebook forever

Coronation Street star Melanie Hill has announced that she has left Facebook.

The actress who plays Cathy Matthews on the ITV soap says that unlike her character, she doesn’t like drama.

Melanie has revealed that she has forced herself to delete Facebook from her life.

The ITV star says she has insomnia.

Melanie Hill deleted Facebook (Photo credit: ITV)

Corrie Star deletes Facebook

She confessed that waking up late at night and looking at comments and posts on Facebook felt bad for her health.

As a result, she cleared the platform.

At first, however, she was concerned about missing out.

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she said The mirror: “Facebook didn’t make me happy so I got rid of it six months ago. I am a terrible insomnia and would wake up in the middle of the night and pick up the phone. “

She added, “Two weeks later, I was scared of missing out on everything.

“But then I felt like a weight off my shoulders. I am glad I did! “

She also said that she still uses Twitter and Instagram, both only occasionally, as social media can be “toxic”. She tries not to go on “too much”.

The actress has commented on her fears of getting older (Credit: ITV)

Melanie confesses fears of getting older

Melanie shares two children – Molly, 29 and Lorna, 33, with her ex-husband, Sean Bean.

She will be 60 next year and recently moved out of London.

She said she made the decision to leave the capital after the crowd got too big for her.

Melanie recently shared how she was affected by getting older and said she was afraid of “everything”.

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She said, “I’m scared of everything and I hate it. I meditate and go; I try to calm myself down all the time. I do not know what it is. It only happened when I got older. “

The actress further revealed that she was finding it difficult to cope with the effects of recent national bans.

She has not been able to see her children or grandchildren since March and says it is “heartbreaking”.

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