Michelle Heaton says her alcohol addiction was a suicide mission.

Michelle Heaton found out about her alcohol and drug addiction, which she now regards as a “suicide mission”.

The Liberty X singer has revealed that the decision to go to rehab saved her life.

The star, 41, says she needs to thank her close friends, including Katie Price, for encouraging them to seek help.

Michelle Heaton is on the way to recovery (Credit: Splash)

Michelle Heaton Update

“What I did was a suicide bombing,” she told The Sun. “I never thought I wanted to kill myself, but I ended up killing myself.

“I screamed for help when I couldn’t really ask for help.

She said it hit “rock bottom” in September when Britain was put into another lockdown.

“My doctor could feel my liver sticking out because I was so thin,” she said. “I got scratch marks because liver problems made your skin itchy.”

Her fight got so bad that she says her partner worried every morning that he might wake up and find her dead.

Michelle is married to personal trainer Hugh Hanley and they share children, Faith and AJ.

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“I’m so happy to have two beautiful children,” she said.

“I never put them in physical danger, but they saw that I was sick and they worried about mom and wondered why she was screaming.

“And my husband wondered if I would still be alive when he woke up.”

Katie Price
Katie Price was among friends who encouraged Michelle Heaton to get help (Credit: Splash)

Michelle Heaton’s health battle

The pop star has been around for about 10 years.

She opted for a double mastectomy and hysterectomy after discovering that she carried the BRCA2 cancer gene.

The gene increases a woman’s chances of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

To reduce the risk, some women choose to have the surgery.

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However, there are some potential serious side effects.

As a result of the procedure, Michelle was pushed into early menopause.

She previously stated that her experience, coupled with the national lockdown, had put her on a downward spiral that led to rehab.

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