Mick Carter has EastEnders fans in tears from abuser Katy Lewis

EastEnders fans burst into tears when they saw Mick Carter confront his perpetrator Katy Lewis on the BBC soap.

Viewers have watched Mick sink into a deep depression for the past few months after his buried memories of the abuse returned.

Katy threatened Mick Carter in EastEnders (Image Credit: BBC)

He was shocked when a woman named Frankie showed up on the square claiming she was his daughter.

And when she told him her mother was Katy, Mick knew she was telling the truth.

However, Katy had manipulated him into thinking it never happened and was desperately trying to get Mick to leave Walford to keep her nasty secrets.

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But on Friday (January 1st) Mick finally confronted her.

He told her he knew she had abused him and could prove it.

However, things took a terrible turn when she threatened to accuse him of rape.

She said, “I’m sorry I had to threaten you, but when we talk about abuse, it sounds so wrong.

Katy threatened to claim Mick raped her (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders Mick Carter confronts Katy Lewis

“You loved me, Michael. We were in love. And we made a beautiful child. I knew the rest of the world wouldn’t understand, judge us and blame you. That’s why I had to keep a secret for so long.

“You wanted me. We made a baby, which means you liked it – how else could that have happened?

“You sound pathetic. You lost your virginity to an older woman – most men, real men would be proud of it. “

However, after Mick had found the strength to confide in the Samaritans about the abuse, he did not fall for it.

He said to her: “You talk and twist things. Just like before. You do that now and I will not let you anymore. “

But when she threatened to have him arrested for rape, he snapped back.

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“I don’t care if they beat me up, you don’t control me anymore,” he said as he went to tell Linda what he was hiding from her.

During the scenes with Mick, played by Danny Dyer, the audience was in tears. As a saying goes, “Mick Carter’s story about EastEnders is absolutely heartbreaking right now.”

“The scene where Mick ran to Linda … that got me #eastenders,” said another.

A third sentence with a tearful emoji: “I just saw the NYE Mick Carter episode and WOW. That touched a nerve near home. “

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