Mike Tindall ponders the “scary” funeral of Prince Philip and the “difficult” 10 days

Mike Tindall broke his silence over Prince Philip’s funeral.

Rugby star Mike was one of the 30 guests in attendance on April 17th as he is married to the Duke’s granddaughter, Zara Phillips.

Now, just days after Philip was buried at Windsor Castle, Mike has revealed that he found the funeral “scary”.

Mike Tindall said it had been a “difficult” 10 days since Philip died (Credit: Splash News)

What did Mike Tindall say about Prince Philip’s funeral?

Mike talked about the funeral on his podcast, The Good, The Bad & The Rugby.

He said it had been a “difficult 10 days” since Philip’s death.

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And also broke his silence about the funeral.

It was a sad day, but I think it was very well managed – he was very well looked after.

He said, “It’s been a difficult ten days.

“When I look back on the day, as scary as it was, with no crowds or social distancing, and how everything was, I think it was the perfect day.”

Mike added that it was “how he would have liked it, if that made any sense”.

Prince Philip smiled
Prince Philip was laid to rest over the weekend (Credit: Splash News)

He continued, “There were spooky moments for the family.

“It could have been his hat on his carriage that he rides, his gloves or the hat on his coffin and the sword, the bugle, the whistler, there were many things that brought memories home.

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“It was a sad day, but I think it was very well managed. He was very well looked after and hopefully he looks down and was happy with the day. “

Mike on the Queen: “She’s Amazing”

He also spoke about Her Majesty the Queen celebrating her 95th birthday today (April 21).

Tindall revealed, “She’s amazing.”

Rugby Aces personal tribute to Philip

Before the funeral, dad of three Mike paid tribute to his father-in-law by posting a cute picture of Philip with Mike and Zara’s oldest child, Mia.

He titled the recording: “It’s been a very sad week, but it has given us time to ponder great memories and stories that are both personal and shared.

“A devoted family man whom we will miss forever but will always love.”

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