Model shares first picture after the operation

Katie Price shared her first picture on Instagram after the operation.

The model helped daughter Princess celebrate her 14th birthday with cake, balloons and a new puppy.

And she shared all of the snaps with her devoted social media followers.

Katie Price was separated from her children for three weeks after surgery (Image Credit: Splash News)

What did the picture of Katie show on Instagram?

Katie posted a series of pictures wishing her eldest daughter a happy birthday.

It looked like the princess was having a nice day and even got a new puppy as a present after her last one died in a tragic accident.

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Katie’s fiancé Carl Woods shared a picture of Princess and Katie with the new puppy on Instagram.

It was then shared again by Katie.

However, it appears that the model used the puppy – who is very cute – as a prop to hide her “bruised and battered” face.

Katie Price Instagram
Katie Price with Princess and their new dog (Credit: Instagram)

What did Katie Price do?

Earlier this week, Katie claimed that she “looked like a monster” after her recent plastic surgery.

She had full body liposuction, eye and lip lifts, liposuction under the chin, and liposuction in her buttocks.

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The model was separated from her children for three weeks while she was recovering in Turkey.

She told The Sun, “To be honest, I went to hell and back, it was horrible. Oh my god, I look like a monster from a horror movie. “

Katie added, “I woke up with holes and stitches all over my body. I look like I’ve got cat whiskers out of my nose and eyes. But I just want old Katie back! “

What are the fans saying about the new puppy?

While many of their followers said the new dog was cute, many issued a warning after their previous puppy happened.

Rolo suffocated after being trapped in an armchair in Katie’s house.

Last year around this time it was given to the princess for her 13th birthday.

One said, “Please keep an eye on this one and make sure there are no bad accidents like last time.

“Not here to hate, but a dog choked under a chair is not acceptable and more needs to be done to supervise while it is this small.”

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