Mohomed Morani, Mazhar Nadiadwala and Anil Jha create Dome of Entertainment, India’s premium entertainment company

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Mohomed Morani, Mazhar Nadiadwala and Anil Jha, the three aces of the entertainment world, have teamed up to create Dome of Entertainment, India’s premium entertainment company. Celebrate with their first project, which happens to be the first multi-star cast on Zee in years – Tere Bina Jeeya Jaaye Naa on Zee Tv with Avinash Rekhi and Anjali Tatrari, Rakshanda Khan, Riya Dipsi, Leenesh Mattoo, Utkarsha Naik. Dome of Entertainment covers all aspects of the entertainment spectrum such as fiction series, live events & concerts, web series, non-fiction shows and bespoke private events. The Dome of Entertainment team is working on several interesting projects for different platforms this year.

Under this banner, one of the first fiction projects is a passionate and fascinating love story for Zee Tv – Tere Bina Jeeya Jaaye Naa. The series was conceived by Mr. Anil Jha and is directed by the renowned authors Ms. Mrinal Jha and Mr. Rajesh Chawla Imtiaz Punjabi, DOP-Raju, supported.

Filming has started in Udaipur and the makers leave no stone unturned to make the occasion as great as possible. The Maharaja of Mewar (Udaipur) Maharaj Kumar Sahib Lakshyaraj Singhji Mewar gave the mahurat gossip for the show. Anjali, who became a household name after serving as Niya Sharma in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, was most recently seen in Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii.

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Avinesh has gone through some sort of transformation. The makers personally examined every tiny detail of his look. Mohomed, who wanted Avinesh to have a signature look on the show, asked his friend, celebrity hairdresser Aalim Hakim, to give him a new hairstyle. The latter will play a prince and Anjali a simpleton on the show. What happens now when they meet is something to watch out for. Despite being a romantic saga, it is loaded with twists and turns in every situation.

“We are Aparna Bhosle, Business Head and Yubaraj Bhattacharya, Head of Content at Zee TV very happy and grateful for their trust in the project. We have left no stone unturned to ensure that every department of the show is top notch, whether it’s casting, costumes, storytelling, styling, locations, etc. Viewers will get an unprecedented, very fascinating drama filmed in picturesque locations. The show has a notable casting coup. I can’t wait for the show to start on Zee TV and for the audience to react, ”said the producers.

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