Money-saving expert Martin Lewis hits back the critic of the new show

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis has beaten back a troll who criticized his new Extreme Savers series.

The third episode of the show aired on ITV last night (May 26th).

And after it was done, Martin went to Facebook to ask his followers what they thought.

And it’s safe to say that one reviewer got more than he expected when Martin responded to his malicious comment.

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis ticked off a troll (Credit: ITV)

What did money-saving expert Martin Lewis say on Facebook?

Martin posted on Facebook and said: “That’s it for tonight. Hope you enjoyed the show.

“What was your favorite savings story tonight – offgrid – frugal fashion – carrying luggage – super supermarket shopping or the leccy challenge?”

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A man who is supposed to remain nameless replied with a rather cutting remark.

He said: “Favorite piece is when it’s done!”

IIf you don’t like it then just don’t watch – don’t come and pee on other people’s pleasure.

Obviously angry, Martin hit the troll back and gave him what for!

“IIf you don’t like it, just don’t watch – don’t come and pee on other people’s pleasure, ”said Martin.

“It makes you miserable [bleep] – and we don’t want that. “

Martin Lewis that morning
The money-saving expert also offers tips for this morning (Credit: ITV)

Martin Lewis fans jump to his defense

In fact, Martin’s fans certainly didn’t want that – and many replied and said so to the troll’s comments.

“Slightly rude buddy,” commented one. “Remember, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

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“T.There is actually someone here who has gone to great lengths to find the best deals on what 99% of the population want and to better, fairer services, ”began a Martin fan.

“To be honest, Martin, you must have been angry in a previous life because there isn’t much that you haven’t helped people with.

“But we still get a degenerate who had to make a comment to bring someone down to make them feel better about their pathetic apology for life,” they concluded.

The troll is trying to get the last word

However, the troll was determined to have the last word.

“If he had met him, he would know one [bleep] when he sees one, ”replied the troll.

Martin’s fans didn’t benefit from it, however.

One quipped, “You’re salty because he wouldn’t sign your autograph book. Come on, just admit it. “

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