Movement poster from Marathi movie Yaari Dosti 2 revealed on social media

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Cinema audiences have always liked films based on friendship, and many films about friendship have been made to date that have won over audiences. And each of the films that were made about friendship tried to deal with something else in the nuance of friendship or to confidently portray a very different idea of ​​friendship to this day. The producers of the film “Yaari Dosti 2”, who wants to tackle a facet of friendship that has not yet been developed on the big screen in India, are confident that the film will be well received by all viewers. “Yaari Dosti” received up to 8.2 million views and 52,000 likes on YouTube.

After the phenomenal success, under the banner of Passionworld Entertainments and Buddha Telefilms Pvt. Ltd., with Audiolab Media Corporation as co-producer, the producers have decided to announce the sequel to the film “Yaar Dosti 2”. With the official unveiling of the sequel motion poster, the producers have officially confirmed the launch of the film “Yaari Dosti 2”. Shantanu Anant Tambe, who wrote and directed the earlier version of “Yaari Dosti”, will also write and direct the sequel to “Yaari Dosti” entitled “Yaari Dosti 2”.

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As the title suggests, the film also revolved around the intricacies of the fascinating world of immortal friendship and unadulterated loyalty to one another. Although many filmmakers have tried to portray various aspects of friendship through their films to date, Yaari Dosti 2 is designed to surprise audiences by presenting another previously unexplored facet of friendship that will shake audiences’ awareness of the whole. The friendship-based film is loved by viewers of different age groups, young and old, and will remember them with gratitude and love of their old friends and also set off to reunite, especially the friends who were due to be Unusual circumstances beyond their control, who broke up because they were looking for work elsewhere. Audiences will love the lively songs in the film.

The film features National Award winning actors Hansraj Jagtap, Aakash Waghmode, Sumeet Bhoske, Aashish Gade, Sandeep Gaikwad, Shilpa Thackeray and Sanket Hegna.

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