Mrunal Jain: “Sooryavanshi is the biggest break in my career”

Uttarian actor Mrunal Jain has been in the television world for over a decade, but considers the upcoming Bollywood film Sooryavanshi to be his biggest career breakthrough. Sooryavanshi, which has been ready for release for some time, will finally be out on November 5th. “This is a film that was most anticipated in 2021 and will finally be released after a year and a half. We hope that if this film works, the entertainment and theaters will get back into action. The audience can enjoy it. So I’m definitely looking forward to this movie and it’s the biggest break of my career. I hope people will notice my work, ”he said.

“For the past 3 years I’ve only received calls for negative roles. In Sooryavanshi I also play the antagonist, so I feel like I am exploring the antagonist’s side as well. It is very interesting that I will play the antagonist role with the positive face. As an actor, I feel like I’ve always been positive and the protagonist. In the last film, I also played a negative role. I think I’m actually trying to identify myself as an antagonist. I’m exploring that side of the role, ”he added.

For the film, in which Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif also star, he shot in Hyderabad, Ooty and Mumbai. “So 3 different locations in 2019. And of course all the superstars were there,” he said. Every moment on the set was interesting for him. “The reason is that it was completely new. For me to be on the set of Rohit Shetty and it was like a dream so I was actually in my dreamland. Every moment, every shot, every scene was just a learning experience. Every day on the set of Sooryavanshi was a memorable day, ”he said.

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“I’ve seen the actors indulge in their craft, their scene. How they used to perceive their scenes, their characters. So I just captured everything in me and kept it with me. To be directed by the best director Rohit Sir was like a dream. It was the best moment in my career. The best of my days in my career, ”he added. He has a long list of films that he would like to make.

“I have a long list, but life and my career keep surprising me with different roles, so now I leave it to everyday life as it comes. I definitely don’t limit myself to a few roles, but explore everything I can think of. I’m trying to see new dimensions of the role and my career with this role. I just want to go with the flow, ”said Mrunal.