Mubeen Saudagar joins the Zee Comedy Show family!

Even as the pandemic continues to cast its shadow of stress, Zee TV seeks to lighten the country’s collective mood by offering its viewers an escape from the stress via the route of tickling comedy through its reality show Zee Comedy Show. While the show has helped every Indian family relax on their couch with some of the best comedians in India taking the stress out of them, viewers are now ready to see a new comedian join this crazy bunch soon. Popular comedian Mubeen Saudagar has entertained people in the past with his hilarious acts and wonderful weird timing on several shows.

All ten artists, including Mubeen Saudagar, Ali Asgar, Sugandha Mishra Bhosle, Dr Sanket Bhosale, Chitrashi Rawat, Siddharth Sagar, Gaurav Dubey, Punit J Pathak, Aditya Narayan and BallRaaj will come together as a team – Team Hasaayenge in an attempt to get around the audience to spread a little excitement and joy. In the coming episodes, the hilarious deeds of all comedians, coupled with the hilarious reactions of our laughing Buddha Farah Khan, are sure to divide everyone. However, Mubeen will take over the show and impress everyone with his perfect comic timing and hilarious antics.

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Mubeen Saudagar spoke about his new entry into the show: “To be honest, I’ve been following the Zee Comedy Show since it aired and I have to say it’s hilarious. It really put a smile on everyone’s face in those gloomy times. In fact, I remember watching the first episode and being blown away by the visual comedy they tried. This type of comedy has never been attempted on Indian television before and I am really excited to have the opportunity to be on a show like this. Doing acts on sloping slopes and 90 degree setups and miniature backdrops isn’t easy, but I’ll give it my all. I also have the pleasure of working with such wonderful artists and making Farah and the rest of the world laugh. I can’t wait to explore my skills too, and I hope everyone pour out their love and blessings on our show.

While Mubeen Saudagar’s contribution is sure to add to the entertainment of the show, some special guests will also be making a surprise contribution to the Zee Comedy Show this weekend!

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