Murder horror for Jags Panesar when Suki went scared?

Has EastEnders announced that Jags Panesar will be murdered in prison after mother Suki set him up?

The awkward pied piper was sent to prison by his mother Suki as punishment for disobeying her.

Suki fears for son Jags Panesar – but she’s the one who put him in jail (Credit: BBC)

She blamed him for Vinny’s attack on Martin Fowler – and now it could cost him his life.

However, Suki is scared.

Viewers saw Suki get more and more desperate to get his hands on some money without knowing why.

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And last night she contacted the seedy gangster Stas and offered to launder a lot more money than she could realistically handle.

Desperate, she agreed to all of his terms. Until Kheerat came in and ruined the deal.

Stas stormed out and Kheerat let her have it, pointing out that bringing Stas back could see him and Vinny kill for the theft of gold.

However, Suki was still distressed and later admitted everything to her oldest son.

“I’m trying to help our family,” she said.

“This is about pips. He got himself into trouble, typical spikes. Let your mouth run away with itself.

“He fought with men you can’t win against.”

Jags is in jail over his mother’s plans (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans provoke Sukis Jags Panesar hypocrisy

Suki added, “You want money, Kheerat – protection money. I wouldn’t lie about that.

“I tried to tell you, but you were distracted. If we don’t get a hundred grand in 48 hours, Jags won’t make it out of jail alive. “

However, the fans evoke Suki’s hypocrisy.

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One said, “Suki is worried about Jags beating him up at the same time, and she’s the one who put him in jail #EastEnders.”

Also, a second said, “Suki set up Jags and now she’s taking care of him. Man facepalming #EastEnders.”

However, a third said, “The person responsible for the plight of these jags is his mother Suki! #EastEnders. ”

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