Murder Island viewers complain about the acting scenes of the “school drama group”

Murder Island puts off viewers with one aspect of its content – these dramatized scenes.

On the Channel 4 show, which began last week, eight candidates try to solve a fictional murder on a remote island.

The show mixes real candidates, real police experts, a fake murder, and actors playing the victim’s friends and enemies.

What is happening on Murder Island?

The Real Detectives on Murder Island (Credit: Channel 4)

Four pairs of friends and relatives have become amateur detectives in order to solve a murder mystery.

Three real detectives advise them on their investigations and point out mistakes they are making.

Candidates have all the resources a real detective would have, from pathology to forensics.

The team that arrests the culprit and sets up a watertight trial against him will win £ 50,000.

Sarah, 28, and Richmond, 30, brother-in-law Andrew, 28, and Nick 33, neighbors Chrissie, 77, and Caroline, 64, and best friends Dot, 22 and Rox 24, are the candidates.

Charly Hendricks’ body was found in episode one.

She lived in a rundown property she rented from the local landlord.

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The detectives set out to find out who she is exactly.

Crime writer Ian Rankin wrote the storylines for the show, saying it “kept him sane” during lockdown.

Where is Murder Island filmed?

Murder Island was filmed on an island called Gigha off the southwest coast of Scotland.

It was renamed Hirsa for the fictional murder stories.

It’s also a really small, secluded island, 10 km by 3 km, and has only 175 residents.

The community there is looked after by a pub, a shop and a primary school.

Murder Island
Gigha Island, renamed Hirsa in Murder Island (STV Studios / Channel 4)

So what makes people moan?

Some of the “flashback” scenes are dramatized, and it is these that upset the fans.

They sparked a deluge of hilarious gifs and disappointed comments on social media.

One viewer tweeted, “I’m trying to see this Murder Island thing, but the dramatic side feels weird. So wrong: “I hate it.”

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Someone posted, “I got hyped on Murder Island but it seems like 10 percent of the detective pieces we were promised and 90 percent cheap drama”

A third wrote, “This is literally like a GCSE drama group being let loose on a school field trip and being asked to improvise.”

Another agreed: “The horrible acting is getting my head down. GCSE drama is better than that. “

Murder Island will air on Channel 4 at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

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