“My best friend Helly Shah is more nervous than me”: Vidhi Pandya on BB15

That Vidhi Pandya and Helly Shah are best friends is not news. The former revealed it to their competitors on the very first day in the house of “Bigg Boss 15”. Before entering the controversial house, she thanked Helly for helping her with the little things she would need during her stay. “Helly Shah is my best friend. This girl went out of her way to help me feel comfortable around the house. She helped me down to the smallest detail and I can’t thank her enough for that. She is more nervous than me. She will always support me. My friend Nidhi Kaushal is my first port of call when I need some freshness, she is a babbler and she is only a phone call away, ”said Vidhi.

As a lucky charm, the young actress carries the love and blessings of her maternal grandfather and family, as well as the support of her best friends Helly and Nidhi. She cites her brother as her greatest support, and in response to her family’s reaction to joining the show, she said, “You have been extremely supportive of us. I have to admit that I am blessed with the best family. You always have my back and are my greatest support. I count my blessing twice because I have it. “

Vidhi just wants the audience to love her for who she is and said, “I’ll just be the truest version of myself and I hope the audience loves me for it and the show helps me in my career.”

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