“My biggest learning was to keep learning,” says Rani Mukerji

Bollywood star Rani Mukerji has been in the Indian film industry for 25 years this year. Her incredibly successful career is punctuated by outstanding, award-winning performances, and Rani has certainly brought some of the most famous and powerful women on screen to Indian cinema. For the great icon of Indian cinema, her 25-year journey has been about constant learning.

Rani says: “My greatest learning was to keep learning. This was my greatest insight. I think learning for an artist never stops. For me, my greatest learning has been to just focus on work and continue to do so with the utmost sincerity. “

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She recognizes the support of her fans as a great pillar of strength. “I couldn’t have survived without my fans, especially with the prejudices a married actress has to go through with a baby. The fact that they have consistently supported me is a miracle and that’s why I’m still working and doing relevant work, ”she says.

About her miracle run at the box office with her huge blockbusters and her epic performances, Rani says: “When I think of the number of years it seems like a very long time, but honestly my journey never seems to have stopped. It just goes on and on since the day I was 16 and started working. Now, 25 years old, feels the same because the struggle is still going on and learning to be an actor is still going on. There is a lot to do and a lot to learn. “

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She adds, “For an actor, learning never stops and the more experience I have with different directors, different technicians, different co-stars, the more I learn. It still feels good and I rarely leave because with every film I discover a new me and I love telling stories – important stories, powerful women’s stories. “

Rani will next be featured in the highly anticipated Bunty Aur Babli 2 and Mrs Chatterjee versus Norway, a true story in which she takes over a country for her family.

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