Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams sign up for The Circle

The stars of Loose Women, Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams, will be featured in the Celebrity Circle for Stand Up To Cancer.

The ladies announced the news of Loose Women today (February 19) saying they were “very, very nervous” and feared they would be “completely fooling themselves” on the show.

Nadia and Kaye are the first stars to be revealed for the new series.

It starts next month on channel 4.

Nadia and Kaye revealed they are nervous ahead of the new show (Credit: ITV)

What did Nadia and Kaye say about The Circle?

Returning from a hiatus, Nadia revealed, “Kaye and I have some news that we’ve been keeping a secret from you since September.”

Then she asked Kaye to tell the audience.

“We’re going in the circle on Channel 4 for Stand Up To Cancer and we’re very, very nervous and think we’ve made a total fool of ourselves,” revealed Kaye.

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She also quipped, “But hey, what’s new?”

Stacey Solomon, the star of Loose Women, squealed, “I’m so excited about it.”

We’re very, very nervous and think we’ve made a total fool of ourselves.

Nadia then revealed why she was so nervous about the start of the series.

“You may be wondering why we are so nervous, but I think that’s because we were so completely relaxed, that we were our real true selves!”

Nadia on the circle
Loose Women star Nadia attends the show’s celebrity special for Stand Up To Cancer (Credit: ITV)

Nadia and Kaye: Loose female stars become catfish fishermen

The stars of Loose Women then revealed that they would not appear on the show as themselves.

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Instead, they would fish fellow guests by impersonating someone else on the show.

And who could that be someone?

Well, a certain Gemma Collins.

“We actually shot it last September and had to keep it a secret. We’re catfish fishermen and pretend to be the GC,” said Nadia.

ITV then previewed Nadia and Kaye on the show and selected their profile picture.

Kaye on the circle
Kaye and Nadia pose as Gemma Collins (Image credit: ITV)

What did Gemma say about the news from Nadia and Kaye?

Gemma hasn’t said anything yet.

However, she did respond to the segment on the show.

Gemma retweeted two tweets regarding the new show.

One showed a clip of Kaye and Nadia revealing that they would be attending the show.

The second was an official tweet from The Circle Account announcing that Nadia and Kaye would be on the show.

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