Naked Attraction star Anna Richardson gained weight since Sue Perkins

Anna Richardson says she gained weight when she fell in love with her Sue Perkins.

The Naked Attraction presenter, 50, says she put the pounds on after moving in with former Great British Bake Off presenter, 51.

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Anna said in a previous interview that she thinks it is normal to gain weight in a new relationship.

Speak with Closer Magazine said she was also a bit of a yo-yo dieter and an “emotional eater”.

Anna says she gained weight after moving in with Sue (Image credit: SplashNews)

Anna told the magazine, “When you meet someone and fall in love, the fact is that 60 percent of people put on weight to a rock.

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“And it’s so true! After living with Sue, I felt my weight increase by about half a stone just because you fell into that relaxed way of sitting on the sofa and enjoying a few cookies. “

In fact, she blamed Gogglebox for regularly watching the popular Channel 4 show with a packet or two of cookies.

How did Anna and Sue meet?

The couple met at a Halloween party in 2013 and kept their relationship a secret for months.

But after their relationship became an open secret in the press, they confirmed their pairing in 2014.

They have been in a steady relationship since then, but have not married.

They don’t have any children either. Anna said in a previous interview that she would like to have children one day.

Anna Richardson and Sue Perkins
Anna and Sue have been together for around seven years now (Image: SplashNews)

Speak with Hello! Magazine, she said, “I’ve been thinking about taking a child into foster care or adoption for some time.

“I can only speak for myself, not for Sue, but I really want to do the training [to foster] and welcome a child into my life.

“I feel very much that I’m getting older, that time is running out.”

Anna also says that she doesn’t want to name her relationship with Sue.

Instead, she just wants people to be happy for her.

In conversation with the Email onlineshe explained, “Ten years ago it would have been a big deal to say, ‘I’m in a same-sex relationship,’ but nowadays I believe that people accept the fact that you fall in love with the person and that it doesn’t matter the gender.

“Ultimately, it’s about who you love.”

Well said – these two are total couple goals.

When did Anna Richardson come to Naked Attraction?

Anna Richardson Naked Attraction presenter on Channel 4
Anna has hosted Naked Attraction since the show started (Credit: SplashNews)

Anna first came across Naked Attraction when it launched in 2016.

Since then, she has been the face and host of the show.

However, she never took off her gear in person on the show.

She said she just wasn’t brave enough to do this.

Speak with The Irish news In 2019 she revealed: “As a 49-year-old I probably wouldn’t, just because of my generation I don’t think I had the nuts.

“I’m a really confident person, but I don’t think I would have the courage to do so.”

When does Naked Attraction run?

Naked Attraction runs on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

Episodes can also be streamed on All4.

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