Name the fans of the Midwife series 10 who are overjoyed after the show’s emotional return

Call The Midwife Series 10 fans were overjoyed to see the show return last night (Sunday April 18).

The award-winning period drama returned for its 10th series and viewers were overjoyed.

As in previous series, however, it offered another emotional roller coaster ride.

Fans were overjoyed with the show’s return (Credit: BBC)

What happened in the first episode of series 10 of Call The Midwife?

Series 10 of the BBC drama series began in 1966.

It introduced the audience to two friends and neighbors who were pregnant at the same time.

But there was a tragedy waiting for one of the couples – Derek and Audrey.

Her little boy was born below the waist with no legs and did not survive while Audrey’s baby was next did survive – but was born without multiple fingers.

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It was found that Derek and his neighbor Phil had served in Operation Grapple in the Christmas Islands in the mid to late 1950s and were exposed to deadly radiation during nuclear tests.

It was a heartbreaking but fascinating story.

Elsewhere, fan favorite Trixie (Helen George) began a residency in a posh private clinic.

How did the fans react?

It wasn’t long before Call The Midwife fans flooded Twitter, overjoyed that their favorite program was back on the box.

One fan said, “Tea is ready and I’m really excited to have my favorite program back on #CallTheMidwife.”

“Difficult episode to see (I swear I cry every time) but amazing to have called the midwife back,” wrote another.

I am so happy that #CallTheMidwife is back.

A third commented: “I’m so happy that #CallTheMidwife is back.

“Some might think it’s sad, but I love it and little things to focus on are what I need right now.”

Call the midwife
The show will be back for more (Credit: BBC)

Will there be more Call The Midwife after Series 10?

The good news for Call The Midwife fans keeps coming back.

Ahead of the Series 10 premiere last night, the show announced to fans that the BBC had put two more series back online.

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On Facebook, the show said, “We are happy to announce that ahead of the start of Series 10 on Sunday, the BBC has officially confirmed our drama series up to Series 13!”

“This amazing news comes as we celebrate 10 years of our drama – it now means Call The Midwife will air through 2024!”

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