NetNaija is an online repository for the latest movies, music, entertainment gossip, breaking news and more. The website was founded in March 2009 by Okunlola Adekunle. The platform began as; only later did it become NetNaija. TheNetNaija has proven to be one of the best sites in Nigeria for downloading the latest movies; Nollywood, Hollywood or Bollywood, no matter the industry, genre or brand, you can almost always find the movie you are looking for on the platform.
To help movie lovers who want to know how to download movies from their favourite NetNaija, here is an article that explains it in its entirety. Follow carefully and do not miss any step.

About NetNaija:

HD Movies is a platform where you can download complete seasons of TV series in various formats such as HD, 3GP and MP4. If you are looking for an app to download TV series, Netnaija is the best place for you. because this app offers all categories of movies and series without any download fee
They keep their users updated with new movies. You can watch the latest movies in the app because it has the latest Hollywood, Bollywood (India), Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Nollywood and Yoruba movies and TV series.

Netnaija App has lots of amazing and unique features. The following features are some of the attributes of o2tvseries.

  • You don’t have to register for an account before you can start streaming different movies on their platform. This app does not require any login credentials, so you can explore the website anytime, on any day.
  • This website offers its users a search option bar so that it is easier to find popular, latest, and featured television series and movies on the website.
  • You can access remote recording and playback of programs provided by the Netnaija app
  • The platform’s content is 100% free to download and easy to use on any mobile device. So, you don’t have to doubt about downloading series of your favourite blockbusters.
  • The platform makes it more convenient for its customers like you, as a customer, to be allowed to download the movies and seasons to your device as the movies are available.
  • The TV series and movies are neatly arranged in the app, which makes it easy for users of the app to explore the Netnaija app.
  • The files available for download have a good format that does not exhaust your storage space. This feature is mainly enjoyed by most of users.
  • This amazing site will not let you down as other download apps have failed you. So enjoy the adventure of the app. Categories

Here are some of the categories that can be found on Netnaija:

  • Forum.
  • Music.
  • Videos.
  • Movies.
  • TV Series.

These are some of the categories you can find on Netnaija, although there are many more you will see as you read.

Netnaija forum

This service or category is wonderful on this great website; The forum feature is all about topics that excite or amaze users, with hot topics. On the platform, not only topics but also trending topics and users are allowed to comment and share their ideas with other users.
This is also called interaction feature as it is all about communication and also sharing thoughts. There are also updates about the latest and funny news that require users to comment. This feature can also make users argue, it is amazing.

Categories of Netnaija

There are many forums on this platform where you will enjoy visiting Netnaija. Here are some:

  • News: deals with news related to your community, state or country.
  • Health: this is about human health and how you can improve your health.
  • Romance: all about relationships and how you can get advice.
  • Lifestyle: is all about lifestyle.
  • Gambling: This is all about betting and how you can easily get help.
  • Religion: is all about debates, advice and also helps with religion.
  • Entertainment forum where you can be entertained.
  • Technology forum.
  • Education forum, all about exams and how you can easily learn better or faster.
  • Web/Wap Mater’s forum.
  • Finance forum.

These are some categories that can be found under the forum feature on Netnaija.

How to download videos on

  1. This is how you can download Netnaija videos;
  2. Go to the Netnaija site
  3. Then click on the video link above the page.
  4. Select any video of your choice and click on it.
  5. After you click on it, another page will appear.
  6. Scroll down, click the download button below the alternative link.
  7. After that, you can now click on the “Download Now” which has the size of the video.
  8. Then the download will start automatically.
You can download full seasonal movies, movie trailers and interesting TV shows from this platform. It only requires one visit, you don’t need to subscribe to the website. Visit the website to download movies soon!

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