New Channel 4 dating show from Too Hot To Handle creators

The producers of Too Hot To Handle are launching a new dating game.

In Love Trap, Channel 4 will attempt to mimic the success of the raunchy Netflix series that recently returned for Season 2.

It’s going to be a mix of a game show and a dating show, just like Too Hot To Handle.

Too Hot To Handle producers teamed up with Channel 4 for Love Trap (Credit: Netflix)

Love Trap on Channel 4: What’s the Concept?

Love Trap will see 12 women desperately trying to win a man’s heart. There is one major twist, however.

Only half of women are actually looking for love. Yes you’ve read correctly! The other half will only be there to take home the big cash prize.

Channel 4 previously used a similar concept with its controversial dating show Playing It Straight.

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In the series, 12 men fought for the affection of a woman. However, half of them were gay and shortly after the prize money.

Every week the single man will eliminate one of the women, and a real trapdoor will be in the game like in this terrifying Game of Thrones scene.

Too hot to touch - Christina
Too Hot To Handle Season 2 was a huge hit for Netflix (Credit: Netflix)

Who is presenting Love Trap?

Masked Singer presenter Joel Dommett was hired to present the series.

“I am very proud to announce that I will present the new series Love Trap on channel 4!” He said of the announcement. “I love lies, love, and trap doors, so that’s all I ever wanted.

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“It’s really a great idea and I’m glad you trusted me at the top,” added the moderator.

Leon Wilson and Ed Sleeman, creators of Love Trap and Too Hot To Handle, added, “We’re excited to bring a new way of looking at dating with this reality game show mash-up, and can’t wait to see it Audience has a chance to play detective.

“Will our single man fall in love or will he fall into a trap?”

There is currently no release date for the new series, but check out ED for the latest updates.

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