New game show Lingo shares ITV viewers


Lingo, the new game show from GMB host Adil Ray, shared viewers when it launched this afternoon.

On Friday (January 1st), ITV aired the first episode of the program in which three pairs of participants try to find words in lingo grids and “puzzle words”.

Lingo launched on ITV this afternoon (Photo Credit: Objective Media Gp North / ITV)

What happened on the TV show Lingo?

In three rounds, two pairs are eliminated to leave a duo, which then contests an exciting final.

The show’s lingo computer gives them the first letter of words of varying lengths. If you guess it correctly, you will transfer cash and increase your potential winnings.

Show candidates Paul and Sue (Photo credit: Objective Media Gp North / ITV)

The end of the show means that the last couple can win all of the money they have deposited so far – and even double their prize pot.

However, just like in shows like The Chase and Tipping Point, anything can go wrong on the final hurdle, and the hopefuls run the risk of leaving empty-handed.

Adil Ray is the host of the new ITV game show (Photo credit: Objective Media Gp North / ITV)

What did viewers think of ITV’s Lingo?

The program shared the audience at home, some called it a “pain festival”.

On Twitter, a viewer said: “@ITV my god, how did you think #lingo was a good idea? Absolutely awful. “

A second wrote, “New Years Resolution. Never watch an episode of #Lingo again. “

My god, how did you think lingo was a good idea?

A third said, “Can we please bring Tipping Point back to its normal place as a reward for watching this painful #lingo?”

“The best thing about Lingo is the #lingo ending,” tweeted a fourth.

Others said they felt “traumatized” or turned it off before it was done.

“Brilliant” Lingo makes viewers “scream” on their screens.

However, some loved the Lingo game show when one tweeted, “@adilray #lingo made me yell at my TV! Brilliant!”

Another wrote: “@adilray #lingo looks like another great quiz addition to @ITV #teatimes! Nice!”

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