New team inspires Brits who swear to find them

Walkers has launched a series of chips with KFC, and the British are thrilled.

The news was posted today (January 11th) on the Kev’s Snack Reviews Instagram account.

And fans of the Fingerlick-good chicken shop are thrilled – to say the least.

KFC fans can’t wait to try the new chips (Credit: Unsplash)

What is the taste of the new Walkers KFC chips?

There appear to be two different Walker’s KFC chips on the market.

They bring the crunch of Walker’s MAX chips along with the taste of KFC.

Sauce for dipping optional!

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KFC fans can choose between two different flavors – Walker’s MAX Kentucky Fried Chicken and Walker’s Max Double Crunch Zinger.

The first are designed to taste just like the chain’s original recipe.

The second are inspired by the chain’s spicy zinger fillets.

Walker's KFC Chips
There is an original recipe taste (Credit: Walkers)

When are they sold and how much do they cost?

The new packs will go on sale this week, Wednesday (January 13th)!

And the price depends on the size of the bag you pick up.

The chips with a size of 50 g have an RRP of 85 p.

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The 140g sharer bags now have an RRP of £ 1.99.

However, supermarkets and retailers can set their own prices.

Two of your favorite things! Snacks and KFC!

The packages also contain a two-for-one voucher that can be redeemed at KFC until the end of July.

Customers receive a 50% discount when they pick up two meals from the chain’s meal for one area.

And with the lockdown restrictions in full swing, you’ll be pleased to know that the take-away coupons are valid and orders are pending through.

KFC chips
There is also a tangy flavor that mimics the taste of the zinger fillets (Credit: Walkers)

What did the British say about the new start?

The British stated that the chips combined two of their favorite things – “snacks and KFC”.

One tagged a chicken-loving buddy and commented on Kev’s Instagram post: “Two of your favorite things! Snacks and KFC! “

Another added, “Free 241 meals too!”

“Mmmmm, they sound delicious,” said a third.

“I’m sooooo excited for the Double Crunch Zinger,” said another.

“Off to Tesco!” another explained.

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