Next week in brand new pictures – 18.-22. October

EastEnders spoilers for next week show Janine is up to her old tricks.

Meanwhile, Gray is finally getting Whitney where he wants her, but will they make it?

All of this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

1. Janine is up to her old tricks

Janine asks Jay for a job in the parking lot, but he is not pleased with her nice deed and refuses.

When Janine Liam lets in her plan, it is clear that she has returned to her old habits.

Liam wants in and talks to Jay about Janine’s sales talent who swallows the bait.

But will he give Janine a job?

2. Grey’s problems continue

Gray has serious financial worries and wants answers from Chelsea.

However, Chelsea are completely indifferent to Gray’s demands to repay them, which infuriates him.

Desperate for money, Gray has an interview.

He’s offering his legal skills for a leadership position, but will he be successful?

3. EastEnders spoiler: Whitney and Gray kiss

Gray is called to say his father has died and he confides in Whitney that he is devastated.

Whitney helps him sift through his childhood things, and Gray is touched by the memories.

Emotionally overwhelmed, Gray kisses Whitney.

Later, Karen is overjoyed to see them together, but will they really make it together?

4. Peter wants answers from Liam

Liam ignores a call from Cindy trying to reach him.

Meanwhile, Peter arrives and confronts Liam that Cindy has asked for money. Janine covers Liam, but what is he hiding?

5. Kat bags Harvey

Kat confronts Ash, who reveals what Harvey said, and Kat is furious.

Harvey tries to explain himself, but Kat doesn’t want to hear it and dismisses him.

He confides in Dana that he was fired and she reminds him to be careful what he says. She offers to help him get his job back as long as he apologizes to anyone he upsets, but will he?

6. Aaron arrives

Harvey is delighted when his son Aaron arrives and takes him to The Vic.

But if Aaron gives bad advice to his father, will Harvey get into any more trouble?

Meanwhile, Dana isn’t impressed to see her brother – especially when he snaps at her and leaves her humiliated.

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