Next week in brand new pictures – 18.-22. October

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal the challenge of survival is beginning – and soon to be deadly.

While Victoria, David, Manpreet and Charles fight for their lives in the water, Meena has another murder on her mind. But who will she kill?

All of this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. The survival challenge begins

The challenge for survival begins when participants, including Victoria, David, and Meena, set out for the river.

Ben and Billy assemble their teams and the excitement is great.

2. Victoria’s life at stake

However, the day takes a terrible turn when the raft struggles to stay afloat

David and Victoria are caught in the water.

David manages to get out but watches in horror as Victoria falls to the edge of a waterfall.

Victoria is powerless when she is thrown into the turbulent water.

But the water isn’t the only danger she’s in …

3. Is Meena murdering again?

Meena holds Victoria’s lifeless body underwater. But someone is watching them from afar.

Was Meena Caught?

Meena follows the maze to find out what they saw. Meena will do everything possible to protect her secret – but who is targeting her?

4. Does Manpreet accidentally die?

Manpreet is also caught in rough water.

She took Victoria’s dishes that damaged Meena … Did Meena accidentally kill Manpreet?

5. Charles in danger

In the water, Charles struggles to stay afloat.

Charles is badly injured. Can someone save him?

6. Emmerdale spoilers: Mack tries to save Charity

Mack and Charity split up to cheat.

But soon Mack hears a loud scream from the pond.

He approaches and sees waves over the water – where is Charity?

Did she go under the surface? Can Mack save her?

7. Ellis and Priya sleep together

Ellis and Priya decide to spend some time alone in the woods.

They sleep together before Priya goes into the maze to deliver the winner’s gift.

But will she make it out alive?

8. Can Ben, Billy and Ellis save the day?

When events take a terrible turn, Ben, Billy and Ellis venture into the maze – can they save those in danger?

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