Next week in brand new pictures – 18.-22. October

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal the vast drama of sinkholes collapsing.

As Abi plans revenge on Corey and Harvey wants Leanne, and the rain that hits a storm is brewing in more ways than one.

Who will make it alive when the ground on Coronation Street gives way and characters fall into the sewers underneath?

Find out here in this week’s Coronation Street spoilers …

1. Debbie is planning her big event

Debbie makes last minute preparations for her House of Horrors event.

But when beer barrels are set down, nobody notices how the earth around the sinkhole of the Platts is loosening.

2. Abi takes revenge on Corey. before

Abi watches a video of Corey packing for Germany. She walks with a gun and prepares to take revenge.

Nina finds out what Abi is up to, but can she talk her out of it?

Abi dresses up and goes looking for Corey, but everyone is wearing Halloween masks, making him difficult to find.

Eventually Abi discovers Corey.

She confronts him with the gun, but will she pull the trigger?

3. Coronation Street spoilers: Abi and Corey face each other

Corey incites Abi, but then the ground beneath them gives way.

Abi and Corey are trapped in a Victoria sewer and Corey gets the gun.

Will Corey shoot Abi while the water rises around her?

And what will Roy find when he peeks into the hole?

4. Dev leaves Aadi to die

Aadi, Dev and Asha set off on their journey, but when a storm approaches, they get lost on a country road.

Her car is blocked by a fallen tree when a delivery truck swerves and hits her.

With smoke entering the car, Dev must decide whether to save Asha or Aadi first.

Believing Asha is in greater danger, he pulls her away from the car.

But when Dev brings Asha to safety, the car explodes while Aadi is still inside.

Rescue workers arrive, but will Aadi survive?

5. Harvey escapes prison

Harvey is intentionally injured and hospitalized.

He escapes the prison car when it crashes into Dev’s car.

6. Harvey kidnaps Leanne

Harvey goes to Weatherfield, where he finds Leanne disguised as Morticia.

He gags her and ties her hands together.

Leanne escapes, but Harvey pursues.

Suddenly the bottom opens, but who fell into the water below?

7. Johnny plans to leave

Johnny tells Carla that he is going to Bali to be with Kate.

Carla brings the news of Johnny’s departure to Jenny, who is stunned.

8. Jenny and Johnny are trapped in the sewer

After Jenny tells Johnny that she hopes he won’t leave because of her, they are distracted when the ground gives way.

In search of Johnny, Jenny is flushed into the sewer system. Johnny goes into the sinkhole to save her, followed by Shona.

Who can make it out alive?

9. Nick makes a shocking discovery

Nick returns to the apartment where he makes a shocking discovery.

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