Nigella Lawson and her Marmite pasta recipe divide fans on social media

Nigella Lawson and her pasta dish, Marmite, split fans after sharing a recipe on social media

The 61-year-old TV chef is known for polarizing her fans with recipes and kitchen hacks that may not be for everyone.

And now that the big EURO 2020 semi-final between Italy and Spain is only a day away, Nigella’s Italian-inspired recipe has made it again.

What was the recipe for Nigella Lawson’s Marmite pasta?

On Instagram, Nigella showed off a delicious-looking bowl of spaghetti.

There was only one problem – it was only served with marmite, olive oil, butter and the spaghetti boiling water.

Nigella said, “I think a lot of you already know #RecipeOfTheDay, and you might love it or hate it: yes, it’s Marmite Spaghetti.

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“Aussies, don’t hesitate to use Vegemite.

“And amici Italiani, before you offend me, I have to tell you that I learned this from an Italian – the great Anna del Conte.

“So, Buon appetito and enjoy the umami!”

Nigella did it again! (Image credit: BBC)

How did the fans react to the recipe?

It didn’t take long for their legions of fans to share their thoughts on the recipe.

At first there was a negative reaction.

One fan said, “No, she must have had too many spritzes. My son, who is Italian, almost died! “

“I love you, Nigella! But I can’t imagine that it tastes good. “

Love you nigella! But I can’t imagine that it tastes good.

Another simply wrote: “Is that a joke?”

However, some people praised Nigella for the simple and ingenious idea.

“I do that all the time. Literally the best recipe ever. I definitely use a lot more cheese than suggested, ”said one.

Another fan wrote, “I love this recipe so much! Totally delicious and so pleasantly spicy. Could have it for lunch! “

Nigella Marmite pasta
Holly didn’t think much of Nigella’s pizza idea (Image credit: ITV)

What are the other Nigella recipes that are divided?

Marmite Spaghetti isn’t the only recipe that has divided opinions over the years.

In last year’s BBC Two series Cook, Eat, Repeat, she amazed viewers by pimping up butter toast – with a pinch of salt.

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And Holly Willoughby called Nigella’s poached egg on pizza recipe: “something that comes out of the bottom of a trash can.”

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