Nikhil Bhambri is hit over 30 times to perfect a shot for punchhbeat

Nikhil Bhambri’s lead actor ‘Puncchbeat’ Season 2 has received good reviews, but it wasn’t an easy shoot for the cast, especially Nikhil Bhambri. Not only was it sub-zero temperatures during filming, but Nikhil was also hit over 30 times by Mrinmai Kolwalkar for a given shot.

About the same thing, Nikhil Bhambri said, “Although I enjoyed my time shooting, there was one day that was very difficult. In one scene, however, Mrinmai Kolwalkar had to slap me, but due to the repetition, my cheek was red at the end of the scene. To top it off, it was a midnight shoot and the temperatures were below freezing like during the shooting in Uttarakhand. “

He added, “We’ve given almost 30 takes on this one short every time something went wrong. To get the scene right I had told her to stay real so my reaction would come naturally. In the end, she apologized, but all of these things are part of the shoots and were received in a good mood. When the shoot was over, the whole team sat together and laughed a lot. ”Aside from Punchbeat season 2, Nikhil is filming for something exciting that will be announced shortly.

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