“Now writers are finally getting their money’s worth,” says Kirti Kulhari

The first Himalayan Film Festival, which ended today, featured a wide range of films from the Himalayan region, which was enriching and informative even in conversations and master classes. At the closing ceremony, actress Kirti Kulhari held a very insightful and interactive session on “Acting for the Camera” after being honored by UT Ladakh Information Secretary Padma Angmo. The actress spoke about a wide range of topics from her theater experience, her film selection, and about her career as an actress to date.

Regarding cinema and when asked which socially relevant films she has made, Kirti says: “Cinema is a very powerful medium for bringing about change and that is why I do what I do. To me, being an actor means making a change. As an actor, I’m here to talk about things that are important to me and things that I think are important for the good of society. These are conversations we should have about different things. Most of my work is about things that were either not talked about or that were ignored or suppressed. For me it is important that every individual, whether man or woman, is strengthened. The movie ‘Pink’, for example, is about consent. I know when I make a movie like ‘Pink’ I know the impact it has, even if it got 10 people thinking about the idea of ​​consent, we won. The thinking of each individual is important. “

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Kulhari also talks about the increase in opportunity offered by OTT. “I never got anything before OTT. I am very happy to be here now, at a time when so many new faces, so new talents are entering the industry … not just actors, but also directors, DOPs and authors … “

She emphasizes the writer more and says: “Now writers are finally getting their money’s worth. I come from the industry, but I know how we treat our writers. Writers are treated like shit. We all keep saying things like content is king of the script, etc. But we don’t agree with them. It’s frustrating, annoying, and making you very angry because you’re here to do something you believe in.

And now, in these changing times, they are finally coming into their own, it is high time. ”Kirti Kulhari also visited the PictureTime inflatable theater, which screened the festival’s films. The closing ceremony included the awarding of the special competition for short and documentary films as part of the festival to recognize talented filmmakers in the Himalayan region. The Ladakhi Shory film ‘Sekool’, directed by Stenzin Tankong, won the award for best screenplay.

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