Now you can do without a camera and shoot a film with Mo Cap technology

By Jyothi Venkatesh

If you think that it will cost you a lot to make a film with a digital camera today, you are ruined by the thought. Because an indigenous entrepreneur named Chirag Shah is ready to make a film based on Mo Cap, a sensor-based technology. In an exclusive interview for CINEBLITZ, Chirag Shah says: “Up to 17 sensors in each body can record the bone movements of a person from the 52 joints of the body and you can make a film. First we try to get the output via the bone structure and only shoot the skeleton. “

Chirag Shah of Madhyam

If you are wondering who Chirag Shah is, let me tell you that he has been in the animation industry for 25 years and successfully runs an organization called Madhyam. “We used to create animations with Maya software. It was the same technology software that even filmmaker Ketan Mehta used to use. However, we decided to discontinue the technology because it was a tedious process at Maya, especially since a single animation used to take up to 15 days, whereas today you can create an animation in just 15 seconds. “

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Chirag continues. “Before, only one cartoon – Mickey Mouse – rolled out of the studios. In filmmaking there are 24 frames while in animation we have 25. Indians have outsourced this technology and we are the first to make it in India. There are four to five players in the market. I bought software technology for making films from a German company called Sens through Mo Cap. I also bought software, suit, and technology from the company. I can either buy an apartment in Mumbai now or wait to buy an apartment after making money with my technology. “

Chirag says it’s a very easy-to-use technology that is very beneficial to the film industry because where previously at least 50 people were working on the sets while making a movie, today it only takes six or seven people with the technology the sets and I don’t have to set fire to the sets as we’re just catching the bones. The best thing about the technology is that you can put a picture of any star in it and create your movie.

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The highlight of the technology is that you can bring the young Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand or even Raj Kapoor and even Shivaji Ganeshan or Gemini Ganesh alive on the screen by filling the frame with the photographs of the stars at their young age. You can even use Tom Cruise or Clint Eastwoood’s photos and make a movie with them if you want. You need to make sure you get the right mimicry artist or someone who can confidently reproduce the star’s lines and win over audiences, such as Chetan Shashital.

Chirag said there was no need to set up the sets for shootouts. “You can also shoot in your office or a banquet room like we do today if you need a lot of space to shoot action sequences.” When it comes to bone structure, Chirag claims it is different in both men and women is. We measure the shoe length of all actors, including child actors, both men and women. In fact, a guy who recently shot us was six feet tall. “

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Chirag adds that he is ready to break the language barriers and even join local film producers and expect them to call. Chirag adds, “This concept is also very useful for dual body shots in movies. The fee I quote to the producer depends on how many VFX you need, how many characters you need for a scene, whether you need a remote place or a crowded place like Lokhandwala Market etc. to the producer. Depending on the budget I envision, the producer can make a large budget film or a small budget film based on laces.

Using this technique, Chirag says that he has previously directed a series in Hindi called Girnar Ki Mahima, which is a compilation of 17 stories of 20 minutes each. “I am the owner. It only takes me about five minutes to explain the technique to whoever is doing it. It’s a revolutionary way of filming and will never replace the conventional way of filming, but it is especially useful in animation because you can do it in as little as three months without compromising the quality of the film in any way . In addition to my preoccupation with animated films, I also owe two feature films, including Main Gaurakshak, which are based on the relationship between a cow and a child and K For Karma. I have also made a lot of films for my dear friend Ketan Maroo from Shemaroo Films. “

Chirag Shah signs out. “If a producer needs a lot of action scenes, I’ve already shot them and they’re on my bench. If, however, a producer would like to use my technology to develop a film with, for example, Tom Cruise in the lead role, I will ask him for a declaration of consent, otherwise I will not accept any assignment. “

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