Nyra Banerjee: “I don’t want to play Saas Bahu roles.”

Actor Nyra Banerjee, who is currently part of the Hello Jee series, has also been featured on many TV shows such as Divya Drishti and Excuse Me Madaam. The actress says the shows mean a lot to her and have added a lot of value to her career.

You have done Divya Drishti and sorry Madaam. How was the TV experience?

Divya Drishti gave me so much love and popularity to apologize Madam, people loved me. Hi Jee is booming now and people are loving it and waiting for the second season. My TV experience was amazing too, apart from the long 15 hour schedules. The television speaks to everyone and everyone sees your face. You instantly get popularity and money as well. Those who are very focused on making money every day and not really waiting for an opportunity like something in an OTT movie or series or maybe a movie are the best way for them to achieve that stability and popularity at the same time . I made my debut with Divya Dhrishti which is an amazing show. It has to do with the younger generation and I’ve become a fashion icon for anyone they look up to. It gave me so much love and appreciation, ”she says.

This was your first time trying your hand at comedy. How was the experience

I thought comedy was different and it is, in fact, about knowing yourself as an actor and getting the timing right. Working in the comedy genre has been an amazing experience. I think I would like to do comedy again and I think I’m doing well.

The show went abruptly out of the air. Has that influenced you?

It didn’t bother me too much. What affected me was that I blocked for 30 days and couldn’t record any other web series that got in my way. I had about three other offers that I couldn’t get. In fact, I didn’t shoot the show every 30 days myself. I only shot 15 days and that affected me. Nevertheless, I got Hello Jee right after that and I’m sure that I’ll get even more great offers. God is good.

The show had its own fun and unique elements. What do you think didn’t work for the show?

I’ve always felt that it wasn’t reaching the masses it could have. Advertising is very important in reaching the masses. Otherwise there are so many new channels, so many new shows starting every other day, something new coming up, it’s a busy industry. People still ask me why it stopped!

What kind of TV work are you open to right now?

I really want to have TV shows that have elements like fantasy, empowerment, anything government related, or even a thriller. I don’t really like those native Saas Bahu shows. I am a very open-minded person and I appreciate open-minded people around me. I am a very domestic person, I will not walk around here and there and attend multiple parties. I am not a social butterfly. I would love to do something that will broaden my horizons and mentality, something like a dance show or an action show or something like Divya Drishti.

The working scenario has changed, do you think? Are you open to negative leads? If yes why if no why?

I feel like this industry is instantly stereotyping you and that’s why I don’t want to be quick to play negative roles. I was offered the negative guidance in Naagin, but wasn’t sure I would because it wasn’t related to my heart. Every story I have chosen in my life has connected to my heart. I want to do something more positive and stronger.

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