One man feared death when he was reported as “stinging”.


A “serious incident” is reported to be underway in Wales this afternoon (March 5th).

A major emergency response is underway, with numerous police cars and ambulances arriving on the spot.

As a result, it was confirmed that there were “a number of victims”.

Crime scene sign
A serious incident has been reported in Wales (Photo credit: Pexels / archive image)

Major incident in Wales explained

Between 20 and 30 emergency vehicles were reportedly dispatched to Baglan Street in the village of Ynyswen near Treorchy, Rhondda around noon.

It has not yet been confirmed what happened.

But The sun reports that one man is feared dead and several others were injured in a “stabbing rampage” at a Chinese diner.

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The report adds that witnesses claim the restaurant was “covered in blood”.

It was reported that the victim was flown to the hospital in an ambulance.

At lunchtime, screams should be heard from the restaurant.

Emergency vehicles are on site, but little has been confirmed about the incident (photo credit: Splash News / picture in stock)

What did the police say about the incident in Wales?

Rhondda MP Chris Bryant said: “I have been informed that the incident at Ynyswen is a serious one.

“The emergency services will be present for a very long time. Please avoid the area. I sincerely hope no one is extremely hurt. “

South Wales Police confirmed it was a “serious incident” involving a “number of victims”.

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A representative said: “The police forces are currently dealing with a serious incident that occurred around noon today on Baglan Street in Treorchy.

Ambulance crews are also present as the incident results in a number of casualties.

“Ambulance crews are also present as the incident resulted in a number of casualties.

“The road has been closed and people are advised to avoid the area until further notice.”

What else do we know?

The story continues, but it was reported that a white forensic tent was set up at the crime scene.

They are usually erected to minimize visibility of the crime scene to the press and the public.

Our thoughts go out to everyone involved in what appears to be a tragic incident.

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