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Open Site Explorer is an optimization tool that is actually a search engine for links. It is a tool developed by that lets you track the links that lead to your website. It is one of the essential tools in offsite search engine optimization. Much of the filtering and comparison metrics are available for free, but if you want to get access to the advanced features and reports, you’ll need an account.

Why is Open Site Explorer useful?

Links pointing to your website help you increase the authority of your website, which increases your ranking in search engines. With this tool, you can discover the links to determine who is linking to your website. This can help you strengthen these links and increase the number of relevant links to your website.
In addition, you can compare your website with that of your competitors to determine who is linking to their websites. This kind of information can help you discover new opportunities to get new links for your own website.
Discover broken links with this tool to reduce negative effects on your ranking. When you analyze your website in Open Site Explorer, you can see if there is a page with 404 header status in the HTTP status column. Check these links to see if the link is actually broken and fix this problem as soon as possible.

How do I use Open Site Explorer?

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Visit the Open Site Explorer website or sign in if you have an account. Enter the URL of your site and the URLs of your competitors and click the “Search” button. The tool loads a comprehensive sheet with lots of details about links.

  • The functions available in this table are:
  • Page title and URL
  • Page authority
  • Linking root domains
  • Embedded links
  • HTTP status
  • Facebook Shares/Likes
  • Tweets
  • Google +1

The HTTP Status column is particularly important. As mentioned above, it can help you detect broken links on your website. Scan the results in the column and check the status codes. Code 200 usually means that there is nothing wrong with the page. If you spot a 404 code, which means that the content cannot be found at that URL, this is your signal to investigate the link and determine what could be causing the error. Not only do these errors negatively impact SEO, but you can also risk losing traffic due to unresponsive pages.

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Who should use Open Site Explorer?

The answer is basically anyone who is interested in search engine optimization. SEO experts, business owners, bloggers, marketers and anyone who works online and knows the importance of being at the top of search results. Whether you run a blog or a website you want to promote, you need to optimize your website to maximize the number of potential conversions, and Open Site Explorer is one of the tools you should definitely use for this purpose.

The competitive research tool you’ve been looking for

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer combines three powerful SEO tools in one interface:

Organic Traffic Research – See which keywords your competitors are ranking for and which pages are bringing in the most search engine traffic.
Backlink Checker – See which sites link to your competitors’ sites and measure the quality of their backlink profiles.
Paid Traffic Research – Learn if your competitors are running paid search advertising and where they are referring their paid traffic.

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