Opening pubs in April under a half-house lock?

Government sources have provided an update on when the lockdown could end.

And the good news is that pubs and restaurants could open in April.

While the national lockdown will not end in full, a new lockout for Halfway House could be introduced.

It would be like the summer if the rule of six were reintroduced.

Pubs could repo in April, new reports suggest (Credit: Pexels)

Lockdown Update: What Do We Know?

According to proposals being considered by ministers, the halfway house lock would last three months and begin after Easter.

This would give the economy a kick start as pubs and restaurants could reopen.

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The rule of six would – alongside social distancing – be reintroduced.

The restrictions are not expected to be fully lifted until all over 50s have received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This would mean that people in groups at higher risk for severe complications would have stronger immunity.

Boris Johnson in front of Downing Street
Boris previously said the lockdown restrictions would not be lifted all at once (Credit: Splash News)

The lifting of restrictions will not come all at once

Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously announced that a full lifting of restrictions would not come all at once.

According to sources, ministers hope all hospitality businesses will be fully open by June.

However, a Downing Street spokesman told The Telegraph it was “not a timeline up for discussion”.

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Matt Hancock also said that there was still a “long, long way to go” before the lock restrictions were lifted in his last update.

Halfway house lockdown is pointless. Countries that were properly locked now run normally.

Boris, however, was more positive about suspension restrictions in the spring.

He said the country will look “very different” by then, suggesting that restrictions could be relaxed as long as no new variants are discovered.

British respond to halfway house update

However, the British are not convinced that the halfway house approach is the way to go.

On Twitter they sarcastically said: “Ah yes that Coronavirus is known to be particularly sensitive to Transitional facilityEnter measures so we can definitely surpass them. “

Another added: “Halfway house lockdown is pointless. Countries that were properly locked now run normally. “

Others, however, agreed with the idea.

“Once someone over 50 or 60 is vaccinated with both doses, deaths from COVID will drop by over 90%.

“You can’t justify a ban if nobody dies.

“Lift the restrictions by the summer and get everyone vaccinated when the over-50s are done,” they added.

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