Oprah’s Most Shocking Celebrity Chats

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will speak to Oprah Winfrey in a full interview next month.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex resigned from royal life last March and have since confirmed that they will not return to their royal leadership positions.

Before her interview with Oprah on March 7th, we look back on the most explosive moments of the celebrity interview over the years.

Harry and Meghan sat down with Oprah for an interview (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Tom Cruise

During an interview with Oprah in 2005, Hollywood actor Tom Cruise jumped on her sofa when he did discussed his new relationship with Katie Holmes.

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Tom took her hand excitedly, stood up and cheered before jumping on the sofa.

He was talking about his romance and Oprah asked, “What happened to you?”

Sarah Ferguson

Oprah sat down with Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson in 1996.

Her interview came the same year that her divorce from Andrew was finalized and announced.

During that interview she called the British media “cruel” and “invasive”.

Talking about getting married to a prince, she said, “This is the fairy tale, but then there comes the realism that you didn’t get married to get the fairy tale … it’s not a fairy tale, it’s real life. “

The Duchess of York then returned to the show in 2010 and 2011.

Sarah Ferguson Interview with Oprah
Sarah Ferguson sat down with Oprah in 1996 (Image credit: YouTube)

Whitney Houston

Oprah spoke to singing legend Whitney Houston in 2009.

During the open chat, Whitney spoke about her tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown.

At the time, Whitney – who died in 2012 – said to Oprah, “I think something happens to a man somewhere in there when a woman has so much control or so much fame.

“He must have his own.”

Oprah added, “I know exactly what you’re saying – he must have his own.”

Whitney Houston about Oprah in 2009
Whitney spoke about her relationship with Oprah (Image credit: YouTube)

Michael Jackson

Oprah interviewed the late “King of Pop” Michael Jackson in 1993 at his Neverland ranch.

During the conversation Michael shared about his relationship with his father and his skin condition Vitiligo.

Oprah asked if Michael was ever molested by his father and if he had ever bleached his skin.

At one point she also asked the vocal legend if he was a virgin, and she admitted that she was “embarrassed” to ask.

Laughing, he replied, “How can you ask me this question? I am a gentleman. It’s very personal. “

Michael Jackson on Oprah
Michael Jackson spoke to Oprah in 1993 (Image credit: YouTube)


In 2012, pop star Rihanna appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter and discussed the violence she had experienced from her former boyfriend, singer Chris Brown.

During the chat, Rihanna said to the host, “It was a strange confusing room to be in because I was just as angry as I was, so angry and hurt and betrayed.

Rihanna is interviewed by Oprah
Rihanna opened up to Oprah (Image credit: YouTube)

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“I just felt that he made this mistake because he needed help and who is going to help him.

“Nobody will say they need help, everyone will say they are a monster. I was more concerned about him. “

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