Paddy McGuinness announces the final episode

The Top Gear series 30 ends next weekend and leaves viewers disappointed.

During last night’s show (March 28th) host Paddy McGuinness announced that the last episode of the series would air next Sunday (April 4th).

However, fans were disappointed as the series only aired for four episodes.

Top Gear’s Series 30 ends next Sunday (Image credit: BBC)

What did Paddy say about the Top Gear Series 30?

Paddy said at the end of the show, “We’ll be back next week for the last show in the series.

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“Where has this time gone?”

Freddie Flintoff asked: “Already ?!” to the paddy said: “Yes!”

Paddy McGuinness in the Top Gear series 30
Paddy revealed the final episode (Credit: BBC)

What did the audience say?

One person said on Twitter: “#topgear How’s the last episode next week, come on BBC, we need a longer series !! “

Another wrote: “4 episodes aren’t series, come on #TopGear sort it out. “

One tweeted: “@TopGear last show in the series? 4 episodes?

“No wonder people are fed up with paying for the TV license when there’s so little new content on BBC TV.”

A fourth added: “Sorry, but as much as I love the new #TopGear A 4 episode series is ridiculous! “

Meanwhile, viewers were concerned last night after Paddy, Freddie and Chris Harris were towed behind their SUVs on a track.

The trio had protective metal plates on the underside of their shoes as they grabbed onto the back of a tow bar.

The Stig drove the cars at the speed at which the presenters were calling their radios.

The winner was then determined by whoever dared to drive the fastest.

Paddy McGuinness on Top Gear
Viewers were concerned about the stunt (Credit: BBC)

However, when sparks flew under the trio’s feet, viewers on Twitter were shocked.

One person said, “Really surprised security people allowed this stunt.”

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Another wrote: “How on earth #TopGear Get away with these stunts from a health and safety perspective? “

A third added, “What the hell are you doing? That seems so ridiculously dangerous with burning feet? Do not you understand that? “

Top Gear returns on BBC One at 8 p.m. on Sunday April 4th.

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