Patsy Kensit eye soap return saying she wants to create new character

Patsy Kensit has indicated that she would like to return to the world of soap after roles in Emmerdale and Holly City.

Patsy performed as Emmerdale’s Sadie King for two years from 2004 to 2006.

She also appeared in the BBC’s medical drama as Faye Morton, first appearing in 2007 and returning nine years after her original departure for a special episode in 2019.

As she prepares to deck our screens on the ITV detective drama McDonald & Dodds, Patsy exclusively revealed that she’d love a soap return.

Patsy Kensit plays Barbara in the new series from McDonald & Dodds (Credit: ITV)

What did Patsy Kensit say about the return to soaps?

When asked if she’d rather work on soaps or a meatier drama that she can really empathize with, Patsy revealed, “Soaps are meaty.

“The matriarchal female characters they write in soaps are phenomenal. It would be an amazing journey to be a strong matriarch, ”she added.

“I think soaps write such brilliant roles for women. I’m a huge fan.”

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Would she say yes to going back to Holly City or Emmerdale?

“You never say never about going back,” Patsy admitted.

However, she revealed that she has another idea up her sleeve.

I would love to create a really strong woman on a soap, that would be amazing. This type of arena is very appealing.

“I would like to create a different character, but in this kind of soap format,” she said.

“My children are growing up now too. I’ve been torn in a million different directions because it’s so hard work, ”she said of her time at Emmerdale and Holby.

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“But now that the boys have left the house, I’m in a room where I can be selfish and do something like that, but whether it will happen or not …

“I would love to create a really strong woman on a soap, that would be amazing,” she said.

However, Patsy wouldn’t be drawn into her dream show so we may have to see this room.

“I won’t say that, but this type of arena is very appealing,” she said.

Patsy in a hot air balloon
She said it was fun playing a murder suspect on the show (Credit: ITV)

Who does Patsy Kensit play at McDonald & Dodds?

Patsy plays Barbara in the upcoming second series of the ITV detective drama McDonald & Dodds.

Viewers will see her play opposite her old pal Martin Kemp in the drama that will air later this month.

The show follows the aftermath of a hot air balloon accident and Patsy said she “loved” playing a murder suspect.

“That’s the best, I liked that very much. Create people you would never play in real life, ”she said. “You can live vicariously through the characters.”

However, 52-year-old Patsy admitted being nervous about joining the established cast – and that’s something she attributes to her age.

“As I get older, I get nervous for the first few days, which is strange because I’m never used to it.

“I’ve been doing this for so long. I’ve worked every year of my life since I was four, so I’m not new to it.

“But I think when I get older, you’re just guessing yourself a lot.”

Patsy reflected on her long and varied career and told ED! She was “very lucky”.

“I don’t take anything for granted,” she confirmed.

“Working as a woman in her fifties … I know this business can be cruel, but I’m happy to say I’ve been really lucky. I’ve always worked. “

Martin kemp
Patsy revealed that Martin Kemp wrote a Minder-style screenplay and that she hopes to play his wife in it (Credit: ITV)

What’s next for Patsy?

And apparently we’ll see a lot more of Patsy when she revealed that Martin Kemp is working on a Minder-style script, and if everything works out she’ll “play his wife in it”.

Patsy revealed about her McDonald & Dodds co-star: “Martin and I grew up together, I’ve known him since he was 14 years old.

“We have this history and chemistry together, but it just never came out,” she said, “then that happened.”

Patsy continued, “But Martin wrote something that is a bit like Minder, a great script.

“I think you know we hope this happens and I’ll play his wife in it. You have to believe it to get it, so I think it’s going to happen, ”she said.

The work doesn’t seem to let up for Patsy, who also told us that she has just finished making a film about mods with music by Paul Weller.

“I made a movie about mods and Paul Weller put his music catalog on show – but it’s not a biopic,” she confirmed.

“That should come out at the end of this year. So I haven’t really stopped working. “

McDonald & Dodds returns on ITV for a new series on Sunday February 28th at 8pm.

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