Paul O’Grady breaks the silence on social media to introduce a new family member

Paul O’Grady has become something of an Instagram sensation since he first joined.

He’s provided fun updates from his farm life in Kent and helped cheer up many of his fans during the lockdown.

But he has been noticeably calm over the past few weeks.

However, the 65-year-old host of For the Love of Dogs just released a heartwarming new video introducing a new addition to his ever-growing menagerie.

Paul O’Grady This Morning (Image credit: ITV)

And he took the opportunity to explain his absence on social media.

Speaking to his 440,000 followers, he said, “I haven’t been on Instagram yet because I was very busy finishing this children’s book.

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“I’ve invested a lot of hours. It’s September.”

Then he introduced the world to his new pet – a chicken!

He continued, “I just wanted to introduce you to my new chicken. Say hello Morgana. Oh, don’t speak now?

paul o'grady with a puppy
Paul loves his animals! (Image credit: SplashNews)

“Do you have the hump? It’s pretty lively.

“She’s just young and I just got her … I hope you’re all well and take care of each other.”

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Fans rushed to congratulate Paul on his upcoming book.

Meanwhile, others said they missed his posts on Instagram.

One user praised: “What a nice thing Paul, to write a book that kids can enjoy. You really are such a nice person with the kindest heart. Your animals are all lucky enough to have you. “

And another user pondered, “She’s adorable – I’ve missed you. Have a wonderful weekend. “

A third user wrote, “Hello, looking good and hello Morgana. Excited for your book. “

In fact, Paul has signed a three-book children’s book deal with HarperCollins.

In the official press release for the upcoming books, Paul said, “I’m excited to be working with HarperCollins Children’s Books and look forward to bringing Eddie Albert and the Amazing Animal Gang to market this fall.

“I’ve never written a children’s book, and I originally wrote it for my own enjoyment and didn’t really think about publishing it – it was just something to take up the time during the lockdown.

“However, as the story progressed, I became quite passionate about these characters, both animal and human.

“And I’ve found that in storytelling I was hoping that, just like us, I could convey a subtle message about the fact that all animals have feelings and deserve love and respect, but unfortunately there are some people who don’t see it that way .

“Eddie Albert is a stunning little boy who, despite all the lazy hands that gave him life, ended up trumps.

“I have become very protective of this brave little guy and I hope readers will enjoy reading about his exciting and, last but not least, dangerous vacation in Amsterdam.”

Sounds like a good read to us!

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