Pawan Singh becomes a record machine when the Bhojpuri song ‘Pudina Ae Haseena’ hits 200 million views

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Bhojpuri actor-singer Pawan Singh topped the music charts when his song hit record highs while his song “Pudina Ae Haseena” reached over 200 million views in a short period of time! With all of his songs going viral immediately upon release, the songs are taking the internet by storm in no time! ‘Pudina Ae Haseena’ was very well received by Pawan Singh’s fans and is reputedly his top grossing song in terms of views and engagement. What the masses seem to love is the incredible power of the Record Machine with which it can express a lover’s restlessness and anxious state of mind. The music video also shows Maahi Shrivastav. Interestingly, the song is trending on social media and has been featured in over 6 lakh rolls on Instagram!

As one of the most popular and talented artists in the Bhojpuri entertainment scene, he has paved his way into the industry with hard work and determination. He can look back on an illustrious career of over 25 years in the entertainment industry and also has an interesting work to show.

The record breaking track ‘Pudina Ae Haseena’ features lyrics by Kundan Pandey and Arjun Akela and includes vocals by Pawan Singh and Anupama Yadav. Released under the Wave Music label, the song was composed by Priyanshu Singh, while the music video was directed by Ravi Pandit.

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