Peter Andre gives his son Junior a surprise moped for his 16th birthday

Peter Andre was overwhelmed by emotions when he presented his son Junior with his dream gift.

Junior recently celebrated his 16th birthday – and the lucky guy had big eyes when his gift was revealed.

And as grateful as he was to get a moped, a similarly agitated junior could hardly believe that his father had agreed to it.

Peter Andre previously talked to his son Junior about being a “strict” father (Photo credit: The Andres YouTube)

How Junior reacted to his scooter gift

Taken on video for The Andres’ YouTube channel, Junior beamed with delight as he poked his head out the front door to see his surprise scooter in the driveway.

Happy but incredulous, he said to his father and his wife Emily: “No way! You actually got me one!

“Papa, thank you very much – I love you.”

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Peter André son
Junior and Peter hugged (Credit: The Andres YouTube)

One overwhelmed junior continued, “I’m getting emotional guys.”

Then he joked with Emily, “What the hell? How did you convince him? Impressive.”

How Peter Andre reacted to the joy of son Junior

Pete, 46, smirked and tears in his eyes as Junior hugged him tightly.

An enthusiastic junior said: “I got emotional because I’m a big softie.”

Dad, thank you very much – I love you.

The couple were also joined by Junior’s sister Princess and step-siblings Amelia and Theo for the big reveal before they all had a big hug.

Emily added that Junior’s test was booked for early July.

Peter André son
Juniors sparkling new moped (Credit: The Andres YouTube)

Why the moped could have been a surprise to Junior

Although he clearly appreciated his new bikes, Junior’s surprise that he actually landed a moped was understandable.

That’s because his father previously raised his concerns about junior driving.

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Peter told OK! magazine: “For his birthday he wants things that he really doesn’t want. For example earrings, a moped and a few other things. I understand why he wants the earrings and he looks good, but it scares me.

“I’m scared of the moped as I’ve never ridden a motorcycle, but Junior assured me that they only go 50 km / h and cannot drive on certain roads. So maybe I think about it too much. “

Peter André son
Junior inspects his brand new moped while Emily watches (Image credit: The Andres YouTube)

However, Peter clearly trusts his son – whom he shares with Katie Price – as evidenced in his tribute to Junior’s big day himself.

Peter wrote on Instagram: “16 years of pure joy to have you in my life.

“I love who you have become. Friendly, funny, talented, but above all loving and respectful.

“Happy birthday my son. I am proud to be your father. I love you.”

Drive safely junior!

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