Peter Egan cries when he talks about the death of Mrs. Myra

The unforgettable star Peter Egan burst into tears today (June 30th) in Lorraine when he spoke about his late wife Myra Frances on television for the first time since her death.

Peter was on the ITV breakfast show Lorraine to discuss a trophy hunting ban, which he advocates.

And soon turned to Myra, who died of cancer on March 30th of that year after a long battle.

Peter Egan choked when he spoke about Mrs. Myra Frances in Lorraine today (Image: ITV)

What happened to Peter Egan on Lorraine today?

The interview started with Peter talking to Lorraine about the death of the lion Cecil.

Cecil was shot dead by a trophy hunter in 2015, of course.

Peter explained: “He didn’t choose to shoot him with a bullet, he shot him with an arrow.

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“He was so incompetent that he seriously injured Cecil, who ran into the bush and was alive for another 30 hours.

“What is it that makes people do this now?”

Lorraine then explained that the animal rights campaign was a “lifelong crusade” for Peter – and he explained that Myra made him do it.

What did Peter say about his wife, Myra Frances?

Lorraine said to Peter, “I’m so sorry for your loss,” and Peter began to choke.

The TV host apologized and said, “No, it’s okay.”

He added, “It’s only been three months so excuse me. Whenever I think of her, I break down a little. “

Peter told Lorraine that they were together for 49 years.

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He added, “She was a wonderful woman. She was very inspiring.

It’s only been three months so sorry. Whenever I think of her, I break down a little.

“She was responsible for my first concern with trophy hunting and animal rights 30 years ago when we started dog rescue together.”

Lorraine interfered: “Your legacy is remarkable.”

Peter agreed, “That’s it. Phenomenal.”

Lorraine then explained: “There is even a day for her – a feast day, and that is not for everyone.”

Peter Egan wife
Peter Egan pictured with his wife Myra Frances and daughter Rebecca in 2003 (Image: Alan Davidson / Shutterstock)

What was Myra Frances famous for?

Myra was known for her roles in Survivors and Doctor Who.

She died at the age of 78 after a long battle with cancer, leaving Peter devastated.

The couple had a daughter, Rebecca.

He’ll next be seen on our screens on season three of the Ricky Gervais Show After Life.

Peter Egan wife
Peter apologized for getting emotional (Image credit: ITV)

What did the audience in Lorraine today say about Peter’s emotional interview?

The audience was full of sympathy for Peter.

One wrote on Twitter: “Cry at Peter Egan on @reallorraine and their sincere kindness to see him still heartbroken over the loss of his love. “

Another added: “If I could reach into the TV and hug Peter Egan , I would. I am so sorry for his loss. “

A third said: “Oh see Peter Egan to be suffocated suffocates me. “

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