Peter Kay on Radio 2 was called “the best start to 2021” by fans.

According to fans, Peter Kay on Radio 2 was the “best start to 2021”.

The audience-averse comedian and actress, 47, chatted with Cat Deeley as she helped fill the presentation gap left by Graham Norton.

And viewers couldn’t get enough of the Bolton-born star after months.

Peter last appeared on Car Share (Photo Credit: BBC)

What did Peter Kay say on Radio 2?

Peter canceled his 2017 national tour and was last seen on TV in 2018, apart from an appearance on The Big Night In in 2020. But he had hysterical viewers during today’s interview.

He addressed presenter Cat as Catherine and admitted that he was terminally ill because people wished him a happy new year.

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Peter also shared a joke about Mamma Mia and said of star Pierce Brosnan’s singing, “Pierce Brosnan’s singing didn’t work and they brought him back for the sequel!”

He also told the story of a misfortune when he attended the stage version.

“I checked it out and enjoyed it a lot. I knew the stage manager and saw the girl playing the main character and said, ‘Congratulations on your marriage! ‘I thought it was real! “

Peter and Cat have already worked together (Photo Credit: FSadou / AdMedia /

What else did Peter say in the interview?

Peter and Cat first worked together on Channel 4’s Britain’s Got the Pop Factor … and possibly a new celebrity superstar from Jesus Christ soap star Strictly On Ice.

He told the audience how he persuaded Cat to come to the show.

I called you to give you the big sale. You were in LA and I tried to say that I would love you to do it and get you to do it.

“I love music,” he said. “[I] have a very versatile taste. I called you to give you the big sale. You were in LA and I tried to say that I would love you to do it and get you to do it. “

After the chat, the listeners went to Twitter to register their joy.

How did the listeners on Radio 2 react?

One said, “What a great show @catdeeley and great to hear #peterkay.”

Another fan wrote: “If you want to have a good laugh today, listen to @peterkay_co_uk chat with @catdeeley on @ BBCRadio2.

“It’s great to hear him fit again.”

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Finally, a third listener commented: “Peter Kay on Radio 2 is the best way to start 2021.

“So nice to hear his voice #peterkay.”

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